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'Knob' by Patrik Hansson Karl Andersson

One particular hobbyhorse of the Swedish manufacturer Karl Andersson are simple and space-saving hallway accessories. At this year’s Stockholm Furnture Fair they presented two new lines designed by Patrik Hansson and Elin Lundmark. ‘Knob’ is nothing more than a turned coat hook in solid wood which works both on its own and grouped together, either in vertical or horizontal rows, or in combination with additional accessories, such as a mirror or a coat rack.


The three independently working designers Uli Budde, Mark Braun and Mathias Hahn presented at this year’s imm cologne their new creations. We met the three of them for a short interview which gives some closer explanation of the objects. Enjoy!


'Twist' by Robert Bronwasser for Cascando

‘Twist’ designed by Robert Bronwasser from SMOOL Design Studio is one of the various new hallstands by the Dutch manufacturer Cascando. It can be assembled in two different ways whereby the connecting, solid disc forms either a hat rack or a stabilising base.


Fri 19.11.

Wardrobe ‘radius 1′ by Andrei Munteanu for Radius (DE)

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'radius 1' by Andrei Munteanu for Radius

This minimalist wardrobe, designed by the Romanian born Andrei Munteanu for the German company Radius, has unexpected powers: the slim metal structure offers plenty of space for up to 30 jackets and carries up the 80 kg.


'Mikado_Wall' by Martin Dieterle for FORMvorRAT

‘Mikado_Wall’ is the new hallway furniture designed by Martin Dieterle for the German manufacturer FORMvorRAT. It is composed of a pier glass and a narrow wall-mounted cantilever which can easily be upgraded to a wardrobe by applying three wooden sticks.


'Aris' by Moritz Schmid, photo by Francois Halard

An interview in the Swiss daily newspaper Tagesanzeiger which was entitled “Chairs are the best wardorbes” drew my attention to Moritz Schmid and his designs. The Zürich based industrial designer described the work on his new furniture he designed for the Swiss manufacturer Pfister. ‘Aris’ is part of the recently launched, new collection which was developed under the curatorship of Alfredo Häberli.


'Stools in Tones' by MIRO

‘From Language to Design’ is the graduation project of the Dutch designers and Eindhoven graduates Michael Leung and Rony Chan, it was showcased during the opening of the Inside Design Amsterdam, the Lloyd Hotel. The project describes a methodology the designers developed – a systematic way to explore design with cultural characteristics. In this case the designers used the languages Chinese and English as a starting point. The result is a range of narrative and beautifully processed furniture.


The patented guide element of 'wogg 49' developed by Wogg and Atelier Oï

Based on the principle of their cabinet system ‘wogg 49′ designed by Atelier Oï, the Swiss manufacturer Wogg developed a completely adaptable built-in wardrobe that leaves all freedom of architectural design to the planer. The wardrobe is manufactured according to the specific requirements of the architect. A tricky technology makes this possible: The wardrobe’s outer skin is made of a single notched aluminium composite board that is extremely flexible and can be wound around bottom and lid without breaking. The patented guide element with rolls was developed for the cupboard which is not firmly attached but glued on. So there are virtually no limits to the dimensions of the cupboard in all directions.