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Wed 11.7.

‘Poly’ bowl by Martin Žampach (CZ)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 11.07.2012 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

‘Poly’ bowls by Martin Žampach

Young, Prague-based designer and founder of the webzine Martin Žampach has created this series of hexagonal bowls made of innovative, lightweight-yet-resistant material composed of veneer and cork. Developed in various sizes and proportions, the bowls were recently showcased as part of Colabseries project during this year’s edition of DMY Berlin. (more…)

‘Spiro’ pendant light by Remedios Simón for Lzf

Alicante-based designer Remedios Simón has recently realised this intricately-detailed, handcrafted pendant lamp for the Spanish lighting specialists Lzf. Composed of multiple, delicate wood veneer spirals, the aptly named ‘Spiro‘ emanates a soft, diffused light. The design is available in a wide range of subtle as well as vivid colours. (more…)

Sat 25.2.

‘Tab’ stool by Nadadora for Sancal (ES)

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'Tab' stool by Nadadora for Sancal

A Valencia-based design studio Nadadora have realised this minimalist, curved chestnut veneer stool for a Spanish furniture brand Sancal. Available in two heights and in wide range of shades, ‘Tab’, which can also be used as a small coffee table, was inspired by ‘trobos’: a Spanish word that describes hives made from hollow logs, very typical of the northern Iberian Peninsula. (more…)

'Accordion Cabinet' by Elisa Strozyk and Sebastian Neeb

In collaboration with the artist Sebastian Neeb German designer Elisa Strozyk, known for her beautiful veneer carpets which are manufactured by the German company Böwer, applied her ‘wooden textile’ principle for the first time to a furniture. ‘Accordion Cabinet’ is currently on show at the D³ Design talents at tis year’s imm cologne.


Wed 15.12.

‘Contrast’ lamp by Marc Graells (ES)

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'Contrast' lamp by Marc Graells

The young Spanish designer Marc Graells created this poetic table lamp made from a rough concrete bloc combined with a smoothly bent piece of veneer.


Mon 15.11.

‘Miss Maple’ by Elisa Strozyk (DE)

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'Miss Maple' by Elias Strozyk, photo by Sebastian Neeb

Based on the priciple of her lovely ‘Wooden Textiles’ the German designer Elisa Strozyk recently created this delicate and sculptural pendant light. The flexible wooden surface consists of fragmented veneer which is attached to a textile base. The translucent gaps create a beautiful topography of warm light.


On the occasion of this year’s Habitat Valencia and the Valencia Disseny Week some international bloggers were invited to come to Valencia and see how much Iberian design has to offer. Not that we didn’t know it before (not for nothing we dedicated our latest Flipbook to Spanish Design) but it is fantastic to get to know the people behind the scene.

Our first station was the factory of LZF lamps (Luzifer) – a manufacturer specialised in veneer lamps – in an old disused vinification plant outside Valencia. This video gives you the best impression of the product development and manufacturing process.

more LZF products @ Architonic

'Naturally False' by Whatels, Els Woldhek

On the occasion of this year’s RCA final show Dutch designer Els Woldhek presented her highly poetic graduation project ‘Naturally False’. The series of furniture and lamps consist of a light structure of veneered wooden sticks and surfaces which are connected through a copper plating technique. This process which is based on the electrolysis of copper sulphate acid solution, lets the copper grow in an unpredictable shape around and through the wood.


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