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'Madame' floor lamp by Oriol Llahona for Alma Light

Barcelona-based industrial designer Oriol Llahona has recently collaborated on this collection of lamps with the Spanish lighting manufacturer Alma Light. Made of epoxy painted metal, ‘Madame’ consists of three different models: pendant, floor and table lamps, all of which are available in either black-gold or white-silver colour combinations. Additionally, and rather curiously, all of the designs are also available in ‘full format or only half.’ (more…)

'Denq' table lamp by Toshiyuki Kita for Oluce

Last year’s Compasso d’Oro laureate and creator of the 1980’s eyebrow-raising ‘Wink’ chaise longue, the much-acclaimed Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita has collaborated with the Italian lighting brand Oluce on design of this minimalist table lamp. Resembling an oversized lightbulb, ‘Denq’ is made of opalescent, opaque blown glass and a lacquered metal base with chromium-plated laser cut upper base disc. The lamp is the first collaborative project of the Japanese designer and Oluce and it was presented during last year’s Euroluce fair in Milan. (more…)

Tue 20.12.

‘Vase & Leuchte’ lamp by Miriam Aust for Dua (DE)

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Vase & Leuchte lamp by Miriam Aust for Dua

Although a lamp consisting of a lightbulb submerged in water might sound like a highly-hazardous concept to say the least, the young German designer Miriam Aust has found her solution to this seemingly-impossible idea which resulted in creation of this striking series of lights-cum-vases. Called just that, the award-winning ‘Vase & Leuchte’ consists of three, differently-sized clear glass lamps composed from an archetypal pendant lampshade surrounded by a cylinder, which can be filled with water and decorated with water plants or cut flowers. (more…)

'Mon' table lamp by Colin Schaelli for Atelier Pfister

Described by its designer as a ‘pleasant floor lamp that does not scream for exaggerated attention’, this indeed simple, monochrome light has been recently developed by the Swiss designer Colin Schaelli for Atelier Pfister. Composed of two parts; a curved base made of black-coloured metal and a contrasting, egg-shaped, white glass lampshade, ‘Mon’ emanates a soft glow while its helical, half-twisted form resembles the ‘Möbius’ strip’. (more…)

'Light Sculptures, Czech Lights 1950 – 1990' at Lodz Design Festival; photo courtesy of Okolo

Earlier last week during Lodz Design Festival, the Czech Republic-based creative group Okolo has presented this intriguing exhibition focusing on the Czechoslovak table lamp design created in the second half of the 20th century. Titled ‘Light Sculptures, Czech Lights 1950 – 1990’, the exhibition ‘comprised a curatorial selection of several table lamps made during this period in the former Czechoslovakia, or in the territory of the present-day Czech Republic.’ Not a retrospective, it was viewed by its curators as ‘an unrestricted selection that depicts the development of the style of this typology on the example of several prominent designers or unique individual designs.’ (more…)

'StixStix' lamp by Jaakko Hyvärinen; photo by Cian Brennan

The promising Finnish designer and Lahti University of Applied Sciences student Jaakko Hyvärinen has presented this adjustable desk lamp at a Lahti Institute of Design exhibition during Helsinki’s Habitare 2011. Called ‘StixStix’, the birch design is characterised by a simple, yet unusual, structure and an exposed, brightly-coloured textile cord. (more…)

Sorella by Harvey Guzzini (1972)

The Italian manufacturer Nemo – Cassina Lighting has released re-editions of three contemporary table lamps designed between 1954 and 1973 by the three masters: Le Corbusier, Harvey Guzzini and Man Ray.


Designed by Harvey Guzzini, the highly-futuristic ‘Sorrela’ light gained its fame thanks to the British

science-fiction television series, ‘Space: 1999’, where it has been featured as a desk lamp at the iconic fictional spacecraft – Eagle Transporter – soon after its creation in 1972. Developed in matte white polycarbonate, the streamlined lamp ‘holds a direct fluorescent light that enhances its cold, futuristic character.’ (more…)

Wed 25.5.

‘Siluett’ lamp by Malin Sköld for Bsweden (SE)

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'Siluett' lamps by Malin Sköld for Bsweden; photo courtesy of Bsweden

‘Siluett’ is a series of brightly-coloured translucent lamps designed by Malin Sköld for the Swedish lighting manufacturer Bsweden. Inspired by an archetypical graphic outline of a lamp, ‘Siluett’ creates an illusion by appearing to be a flat two-dimensional form when seen directly up front. Executed in semi-transparent acrylic, the simple yet imaginative design gives a soft tinted glow and is available in two different sizes and more than 20 colours. (more…)