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The table football arena, in the recreational area of a Swiss bank

The cafeteria for about 1,000 employees of a Swiss Bank needed a refurbishment.

Gessaga Hindermann architects based their design on the idea that table football isn’t just a good mental distraction while taking a break from work, but also supports team spirit.

The football players can be customised using "Face-Cap", a specially designed head attachment

With three table-soccer tables in place, not only can all of the teams participating in the World Cup in South Africa be selected and interchanged, but pictures of the relevant players can also be stuck on using “Face-Cap”, a specially designed head attachment. The customisable table-football players have been patented. Gessaga Hindermann are now looking for potential manufacturers.

Picnic benches have been used to lend the cafeteria a casual expression for those taking a break from the bank's professional routine

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