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Pendant light w121 by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Wästberg

As a material, wool is most frequently used in production of garments – in your own cardigan, in a Katharine Hepburn hat or in the modern athlete’s performance clothes – but not so often for lamps. During this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair however, Wästberg has launched a series of pendant lights called w121, w122 and w123s out of this natural and versatile material, designed by the Swedish design collective Claesson Koivisto Rune. (more…)

Overview of Architonic's Phototour of Stockholm Furniture Fair on Architonic @ Facebook

The most important design furniture fair for the Scandinavian market, the Stockholm Furniture Fair, started on February 7 2012.

Just 48 h later, Architonic’s extensive photo tour gives you a broad impression of the latest products.


Detail of Erik Höglund's blue bowl from the 'Folded Rim' collection; photo courtesy of Vet Hut

Tucked away in the forests of Småland, southern Sweden – a region which is also known as the Swedish ‘Kingdom of Crystal’ – Vet Hut Glassworks is the latest creative project of Design House Stockholm. Launched in the summer last year as a ‘new centre for creativity, experience and border-crossing collaborations on glass and design’, the small-sale, manual glassworks specialises in high-quality, limited edition items made of mouth-blown molten glass. Providing an antidote to the anonymity of mass-produced goods, each item crafted at Vet Hut is treated as ‘an individual which bears with it its own narrative in air bubbles, birth marks and shifting colour nuances,’ qualities which are clearly visible in the ‘Folded Rim’ collection. (more…)

'City Sunday' magazine rack by Ingrid Svensson and Olle Wingård for Minus tio (SE)

Known for their clean, uncluttered aesthetics, Ingrid Svensson and Olle Wingård, the Swedish design duo behind the Minus tio label, have realised this series of brightly-coloured wall-mounted magazine racks inspired by ‘real and utopian city structures.’ Resembling a squiggly crayon drawing, ‘City Sunday’ is made of painted steel wire and is available in six colourways: graphite black, oyster white, tomato red, brilliant blue, leaf green, golden yellow.


Tusen Ramundberget restaurant by Murman Arkitekter

Tucked away among the snow peaks of the small Swedish ski resort Ramundberget, this circular restaurant by the Stockholm-based Murman Arkitekter studio blends seamlessly with its unspoiled surroundings thanks to the clever use of untreated birch logs which frame the structure. Realised in 2009, the restaurant’s design was inspired by the traditional Sami hut built for centuries by Sweden’s indigenous people, as explained by the architect Hans Murman in the video below. (more…)

'Flying Rings' shelf by Monica Förster for Gärsnäs

Citing the ‘Roman rings, agile gymnasts and virtuoso acrobats’ as an inspiration, the renowned Stockholm-based industrial and furniture designer known for her bold yet effortless and pared-down style has realised this series of shelving units for the Swedish manufacturer Gärsnäs. Made of varnished wood, Monica Förster’s customisable ‘Flying Rings’ comprises rows of simple white shelves assembled by a number of ‘large circles thrown up in the air and frozen in mid-motion [which] create the frame of this shelf.’ (more…)

'Saga' is based on Bruno Mathsson's 1982 design

The Swedish, family-owned manufacturer Support Design has released this series of compact, highly ergonomic office chairs and stools based on Bruno Mathsson‘s pioneering design developed for the company in 1982. Characterised by the bowl-shaped, forward-slanting seat, ‘Saga’ chair supports the contour of the body and promotes good posture by taking the pressure and weight off the user’s back and neck while its streamlined, minimalistic form allows for maximum freedom of movement. (more…)

'Dag&Natt' carpet by Petra Lundblad-Fridén for Kasthall

Earlier this year, designer Petra Lundblad-Fridén has created this series of hauntingly beautiful, inkblot-like printed carpets for the Swedish rug manufacturer Kasthall. Called ‘Dag & Natt’ – Swedish for ‘Day & Night’ – the dreamlike collection stems from Lundblad-Fridén’s ‘passion for experimenting with different images and colours, and using layers to create new expression’ and encompasses four different designs inspired by the weather and sky phenomena: Haze, Thunder, Summer Dawn and Autumn Dusk. (more…)