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Sun 26.4.

Die Grüne Welle by SUPERBLOCK (AT)

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Die Grüne Welle terraced houses by SUPERBLOCK, photo: © SUPERBLOCK

Die Grüne Welle terraced houses by SUPERBLOCK, photo: © SUPERBLOCK

Our cities are growing, and their limits are increasingly expanding. The project “Grüne Welle” (“Green Wave”) by architects SUPERBLOCK and housing developer WBV GÖD is now completed, featuring an exemplary residential complex on the periphery of Vienna – between the city and the countryside – in which it could gain the first prize in the developer competition 2010. (text by SUPERBLOCK)


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'Pop-Up House' passive house by Multipod Studio

‘Pop-Up House’ passive house by Multipod Studio

Marseille-based Multipod Studio claims it takes just four days and a wireless screwdriver to build their ‘Pop-Up House’. Consisting of insulating blocks and wooden panels, the structure delivers surprisingly affordable and effective thermal insulation.



Thu 20.2.

Behind the green door: Oslo Architecture Triennial by Rotor

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ENDESA Pavilion a self-sufficient solar prototype installed at the Marina Dock, for International BCN Smart City Congress; photo Adria Goula

ENDESA Pavilion a self-sufficient solar prototype installed at the Marina Dock, for International BCN Smart City Congress; photo Adria Goula

“Sustainability” is a deflated term that includes everything and nothing. Its repeated use, almost ad nauseam, does not seem to have served it well. What is left behind is an empty shell, which is difficult to take seriously. (by Valentina Ciuffi)


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Noorderparkbar by bureau SLA and Overtreders W; photo by Jeroen Musch

Constructed entirely out of second-hand materials, this wood-clad coffee shack has been realised by two Amsterdam-based practices Bureau SLA and Overtreders W. Also located in the Dutch capital, Noorderparkbar was developed in a design-as-you-go fashion considering the source of the structure’s components and the pavilion was completed earlier in spring 2012. (more…)

Herzelia Green House by Sharon Neuman Architects; photo courtesy of the architect

This multi-faceted, two-storey detached residence has been competed by an Israeli Sharon Neuman Architects practice. Developed on a long and narrow 800-square-meters plot, the 215-square-meters house has been designed with energy efficiency in mind and incorporates a number of environment-friendly solutions such as: efficient insulating materials, rainwater and dew collection and storage units, water recycling system, and a solar water heater. (more…)

Dutch Mountain by denieuwegeneratie; photo by Jaap Vliegenthart / John Lewis Marshall

While ‘Dutch Mountain’ might sound like a rather evident oxymoron, similarly, the eclectic and decidedly curious interior of this single family residence doesn’t fall short to live up to its name. Developed earlier last year by a young Amsterdam-based practice denieuwegeneratie, the house has been designed with an aim to minimise its ecological footprint and thanks to a number of experimental sustainable strategies, ‘Dutch Mountain’ is in effect ‘a house in which the total amount of energy produced exceeds its consumption: excess energy can be used for a electric car.’ (more…)

Rosa Gardens by Brooks & Scarpa; photo by John Edward Linden

The Los Angeles-based architectural practice Brooks & Scarpa have recently completed this 7914-square-meters affordable apartment building located in the picturesque area of the famous for its mid-century modern architecture Palm Springs, California. Comprising 57, two and three-bedroom family units, Rosa Gardens prides itself with ‘more than a 75% recycling rate’ and many sustainable solutions such as; passive solar design strategies, wide use of recycled materials – insulation is made from recycled newspapers while building’s façade is clad with recycled aluminum cans formed into building blocks – have been employed in the design of this $12.5-million development. (more…)

Amunt - Architekten Martenson Und Nagel Theissen - the winners of this year's AR House Awards

Earlier last week, architects Bjorn Martenson, Sonja Nagel and Jan Theissen of Amunt practice have been announced the winners of the first prize in this year’s edition of AR House Awards for their passively heatable and partly pre-fabricated single family home project, ‘Just K, Zero Energy House‘.


Organised by Architectural Review and held at the Laufen Forum, the AR House Awards were awarded for the second time. Here, the winning trio explains why they decided to build the house as a solid wood construction, what is the difference between designing a public building or a private house and what does the award mean to them. (more…)