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Leimondo Nursery School in Nagahama, Japan by Archivision Hirotani Studio; photo by Kurumata Tamotsu

A number of recently completed kindergarten projects have proved that designing user-centred environments for the more diminutive among us shouldn’t be at odds with creating highly expressive structures. Architonic takes a look at a selection of nursery schools with a grown-up ambition.

(by Simon Cowell)


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'Banquinho Bo', child's bench with giraffe back

“For me popular art is non-existent. Out of necessity people do things that are related to life” – With this sentence, said by the Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi, Studio MK27 described the idea behind their exhibition of furniture at this year’s INTERIEUR in Kortrijk. The showcased furniture were designed and created by Brazilian civil construction laborers with residual building materials. All of them were used at the construction sites. Some of the pieces underwent some small interventions, realized in a precise and artisan manner.


Wed 21.7.

‘House 6′ by Marcio Kogan, studio mk27 (BR)

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'House 6' by Marcio Kogan, photo by Rômulo Fialdini

Recently studio mk27 unveiled this luxurious home, which clearly carries the handwriting of the São Paulo based architectural practice around Marcio Kogan. The construction is based on two transversal volumes and an annex in the back that holds a home office. The cantilevered upper part provides alarge covered external space which was a definite request of the client.


Tue 27.4.

primetime nursery school by studio mk27 (BR)

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primetime nursery school by studio mk27, photo by Nelson Kon

The Sao Paulo based architectural practice studio mk27, founded in the 1980s by Marcio Kogan, realised this nursery school in their hometown. It is the first Brazilian nursery developed from a program specially directed for children aged from zero to 3 years, based on an exclusive educational concept.

primetime nursery school by studio mk27, photo by Nelson Kon

“The priority was to conceive of an abstract non-stereotypical space with a ludic character that would meet the functional demands of the numerous procedures involved.
Circulation is achieved through ramps and the use of friendly materials such as, the soft floor and operational ergonometry, were fundamental for a safe and comfortable environment where the children could readily develop their activities.
The technical team involved adhered to this same orientation, offering ideal solutions for the best air and water quality, floor heating and balanced lighting.
The landscaping was equally conceived to guarantee the safe interaction among the children.
In addition to using natural materials, the colors yellow, orange and red were selected to create a stimulating atmosphere.”

primetime nursery school by studio mk27, photo by Nelson Kon

primetime nursery school by studio mk27, photo by Nelson Kon

primetime nursery school by studio mk27, photo by Nelson Kon

primetime nursery school by studio mk27, photo by Nelson Kon

Design team:
author: marcio kogan
co-author: lair reis
interior design co-authors: diana radomysler, regiane leão
project architects: beatriz meyer, carolina castroviejo, eduardo chalabi, eduardo glycerio, gabriel kogan, maria cristina motta, mariana simas, oswaldo pessano, renata furlanetto, samanta cafardo, suzana glogowski

fakiani contruções

Project partners:
landscape architect: renata tilli
lightning project: marcio kogan, beatriz ennes
structural design: aluizio d’ávila
instalations: grau engenharia
consultant kitchens: gisela porto

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