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'Evolution's dead end street' by Stefan Wieland

‘Evolution’s dead end street’: the Frankfurt-based designer Stefan Wieland comes up with the most dramatic names for his colourful, improvised-looking objects. This coffee table is one of his latest creations. It is characterised by the interplay between the massive table top, made from different sorts of wood, and the filigree, painted wire frame on which it seems to float almost.


'Stolz und Schabernack' by Stefan Wieland

The titles of his works are as bloomy as they are colourful in appearance: ‘Stolz und Schabernack’ (‘pride and hoax’) or ‘Der frühe Morgen ist Verheißung’ (‘the early evening is a promise’). The German designer Stefan Wieland creates loud and expressive lamps and furniture made from roughly worked – welded, painted and bent materials such as acryl glass, veneer or laminate. In his likewise crude but beautiful explanations you will read comments like “To provoke errors and then cultivate them”, “Sunshine, o sunshine, how you are shining in my cup of peppermint tea” and “to split a painting into fragments and restructure”.