June 2018
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A glazed window has been tucked on the opening

A glazed window has been tucked into the front opening

The Truffle, aka “La Trufa”, is a piece of architecture that is not only characterised by its distinctive form, but also its extraordinary process of development.

Cutting the concrete with a quarry machine

As real truffles do, the shape of the hollow concrete rock “grew” in the earth. A hole was dug in the ground and the concrete was poured inside. To retain a hollow space within “La Trufa”, hay bales have been included in the volume.

Detail of the silicon glazed window

Detail of the silicon-glazed window

To get rid of the hay from the interior, a calf called Paulina was brought in; she enjoyed 50m3 of the nicest food, which she ate for a year. She left a healthy adult, weighing 300 kilos.

Entrance into the core of "La Trufa"

After that, a quarry machine was used to reveal the core again and create openings. The small holiday house situated on the Costa da Morte in Spain provides a shower, toilet and a bed with a view, but, as the project’s name “La Trufa” suggests, a kitchen wasn’t necessary: the Spanish Atlantic coast boasts of a wide range of restaurants which impress even spoiled gourmet food lovers.

The bed with a view is located directly in front of the generous window, which floods the cave-like interior with light

Although the inside seems to be hewn out of natural rock, the volume has been constructed out of concrete