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Mon 20.2.

‘Ova’ easy chair by Christian Dorn for Stiltreu (DE)

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'Ova' easy chair by Christian Dorn for Stiltreu

Following an ‘idea is to design a timeless piece of furniture with transient smooth shape from simple, soft geometry’, German designer Christian Dorn has created this armchair for Stiltreu – a design studio he co-founded last year. Featuring a powder-coated steel frame (available in five different colours) and upholstered polyurethane foam seat and backrest, ‘Ova’ easy chair is part of a seating collection which also encompasses a two- and three-seater versions of the design. (more…)

'Within' seat / side table by Studio Vision; photo by Helena Winberg & Anna Kjernsvik

At first glance clinically plain and unassuming, when opened, this two-piece minimalist, geometric seat-cum- side table reveals an angular, sculpture-like structure which contrasts with the design’s otherwise unadorned exterior. Created by a young Swedish designer and founder of Studio Vision, Mattias Stenberg, the aptly-named ‘Within’ was presented earlier last week in Stockholm Furniture Fair’s hall for independent designers and design schools, Greenhouse. (more…)

The back of AVL Couch slides from left to right or in neutral position

A seating family consisting of a large couch, a medium couch, a fauteuil and two poufs of different sizes, which adapts itself to the moment and the situation. That’s the best description of the new design from Joep van Lieshout for Lensvelt. Strictly realistic shapes with weighed use of material and functionality.
The back slides from left to right or in neutral position, so that the desirable setting can be achieved.


'The Mountain' by Tom Kühne

The Berlin based designer Tom Kühne is known for his narrative and fraught with meaning objects. With his newest works he again created dwelling objects that move away from the established prospect.

The massive ‘Mountain’ made from solid wood plays with our associations and perception this scenic topos evokes – Tom Kühne places it with all its monumental sublimeness as an archaic symbol into our daily ambience and uses the solid compound to create a new spatial structure.


'Bench between pillars' by Ryuji Nakamura Architects

The Tokyo based practice Ryuji Nakamura Architects realised this minimal seating area for the Ikebukuro Seibu Department Stores. A wide ribbon made from vinyl sheet is – like a hammock – regularly suspended from the ceiling.


Thu 24.6.

‘Jack Black’ by Tom Dixon (UK)

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'Jack Black' by Tom Dixon for Tom Dixon

There are many reasons for reissuing a design, but getting your hands on the original tool to make it is as good as any. Armed once more with the tooling that he himself fashioned back in the day in his own workshop, Tom Dixon has launched a black companion piece to his iconic, stackable ‘Jack Light’ (the latter manufactured by Eurolounge), whose colour serves to emphasise the product’s strongly graphic form. Made from plastic and rotary-moulded, ‘Jack Black’ can be used as seating or as an accessory, and comes without a light.

Tom Dixon's 'Jack Black' works particularly well as a companion piece to the existing 'Jack Light'

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'Antoinette' seating/room-divider by Cate & Nelson for Bla Station

Continuing the trend in furniture design for pieces that shield their users from view, while providing a certain acoustic benefit, Bla Station have launched a new seat/room-divider, designed by Cate & Nelson and premiered at last month’s Stockholm Furniture Fair.

'Antoinette' seating/room-divider by Cate & Nelson for Bla Station

Consisting of a frame of laquered steel, covered with a mesh fabric, ‘Antoinette’ affords the sitter or sitters a sense of privacy, particularly when used in a contract context. The upholstered seat is available in either leather or fabric, and can be removed for storage.

'Antoinette' seating/room-divider by Cate & Nelson for Bla Station

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'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

Italian design manufacturer Cerruti Baleri has launched a new seat/daybed at the 2010 Maison et Objet fair in Paris. Called ‘Drop’ and designed by architect Leonardo Perugi, its reduced, highly geometric form invites the user to transform its shape according to their mood.

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

The drop-like shape of the head pillow has both an aesthetic and a practical function. Through a geometric fit, it structurally locks the seat in its closed position without the need for any fastening device.


In interview with Dailytonic at Maison et Objet, Perugi explained that ‘Drop’ ‘is something you can use as a suit. You wear this piece. It’s for you, your body, your life. You can use it to create new situations. It’s not a fossil or a museum piece. It’s to be used every day. Like a garment.’

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

'Drop' seat/daybed by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti Baleri

Perugi is flattered by comments that his design is reminsicent of the ‘radicalism and informalism’, as he describes it, of 1960s Italian furniture design. ‘Many people say this is from the 60s and link it to the work of Joe Colombo,’ he told Dailytonic. ‘I’m very proud of this. It’s a huge compliment for me. Although, it’s a big responsibility and there’s pressure to do something even better next time.’


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