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Thu 4.6.

‘tool, inhabited’ by Sonja Rogova (DE)

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'tool, inhabited' by Sonja Rogova

‘tool, inhabited’ by Sonja Rogova

Sonja Rogova’s ‘tool, inhabited’ is a hybrid architectural tool (a ladder) and a domesticated piece of furniture (seating), it’s a ladder that can be leaned against, climbed and sat on.



'Tina' armchair and bench by Benedetta Tagliabue for Expormim

‘Tina’ armchair by Benedetta Tagliabue for Expormim

Spain’s Expormim recently asked Italian, Barcelona-based architect Benedetta Tagliabue to create a series of contemporary seats with rattan, a traditional typically artisanal material.



Mon 11.2.

‘Marie’ beanbag by Antoinette Bader for FREIFRAU (DE)

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'Marie' beanbag by Antoinette Bader for FREIFRAU

‘Marie’ beanbag by Antoinette Bader for FREIFRAU

New on, ‘Marie’ is a common beanbag transformed thanks to a sophisticated geometric structure designed by Antoinette Bader, an outer cover composed of triangular padded sections that allows for a range of seating positions.



'Airberg' seating by Jean-Marie Massaud for Offecct

‘Airberg’ seating by Jean-Marie Massaud for Offecct

Jean-Marie Massaud’s Airberg is one of the first products from the Offecct Lab, a comfortable, inviting piece of seating furniture inspired by “an iceberg filled with vacuum.”



Tue 27.11.

‘Spade Chair / BATCH’ by Faye Toogood (UK)

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Close-up of Faye Toogood’s ‘Spade Chair / BATCH’

Described by its designer as “a modern tool for sitting,” this extremely-reduced, three-legged chair was created by London-based Faye Toogood. Owing its minimalist form to Toogood’s clever juxtaposition of two mundane objects: a milking stool and a spade, the solid-ash chair is now available as part of ‘BATCH’ collection which also includes a stool, coffee table, side table and a dining table designs. (more…)

Fri 16.11.

‘Float’ sofa by Karim Rashid for Sancal (ES)

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‘Float’ sofa by Karim Rashid for Sancal

The prolific, award-winning Egyptian-born designer Karim Rashid has realised this bold, geometric sofa for the Spanish sofa specialists Sancal. Called ‘Float’, the proportionally top-heavy design is supported by delicate wooden legs and each of the sofa’s components, such as; arms, seat, back and headrest, can be modified and upholstered in a fabric of choice. Launched earlier this year, the sofa is available in three different sizes and is part of Sancal’s ‘Flash Collection‘ which also includes pieces by Luis Eslava, Rafa Garcia and Juan Ibáñez. (more…)

'Watching the ships roll in' seat by Marie Dessuant for Singularité

As part of a new collection by a recently-launched contemporary French furniture label Singularité, the young Parisian designer Marie Dessuant has realised this neat seat and stool called – rather curiously – ‘Watching the ships roll in’. Composed of a simple beech wood structure and thin, cotton canvas mattress and cushions, the design is, in Dessuant’s words: ‘a contemporary and domestic interpretation of the deck chair’. ‘Watching the ships roll in’ is one of five new, limited-edition products created by Dessuant for Singularité’s ‘The Bay’ collection. (more…)

'Lots of Paper' limited edition seat by Cecilie Manz

Reminiscent of a supersized origami structure, this intricately engineered and executed, crisp white limited edition seat has been created in 2011 by the acclaimed Danish designer Cecilie Manz. Made of the environmentally-friendly, high-quality uncoated 400 gram Arctic Paper Munken, the complex form of ‘Lots of Paper’ was achieved through the process of tessellation. (more…)