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Today sees an opening of two separate architectural competitions organised by the city of Zurich. Here’s some detailed information about both of the planned projects.


‘The city of Zurich is planning a new football stadium and a public housing estate on the “Areal Hardturm” in Zurich’s West with two separate architectural competitions. Situated at the Western entrance to the city the two building projects will play an important role in the sustainable devel- opment of this city area and give this important district a fresh and dynamic aspect. Sustainability is an important factor for both competitions – it is vital that the aims of the 2000-watt-society vision will be achieved.’ (more…)

Pael House by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects

The Chilean architectural office of Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen has decided to test the archetypical features of the suburban house – the result being the Pael House in Concepcion, Chile.

As was the case with other local residences, the project called for a big house in a plot that was, in theory, too small for it. Moreover, the brief stated the building must ‘look like’ a house, so as not to upset its neighbours.