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'Viravent' housing by Martin Duplantier Architectes, photos: Yohan Zerdoun

‘Viravent’ housing by Martin Duplantier Architectes, photo: Yohan Zerdoun

‘Viravent’ by Martin Duplantier Architectes is a housing complex in Metropolitan Bordeaux with 112 flats that “integrates into an existing urban fabric more than imposing upon it”.





Thanks to our friends at Gestalten Publishers, we’re giving away three copies of the extremely covetable ‘Our House in the City. New Urban Homes and Architecture’. This richly illustrated book lays the foundation for a contemporary, dynamic relationship between the city and potential homeowners. It proves that adventurous urban living can also mean home sweet home. (more…)

Milanofiori Residential Complex by OBR Open Building Research; photo courtesy of OBR

Translucent sheets of glass reflect the sky above this residential complex, which, together with adjoining commercial premises such as offices, hotels, restaurants and cinemas, forms a multifunctional development Milanofiori realised by a Genova-based practice Open Building Research (OBR). Comprising 107, park-overlooking apartments, the 2010-completed complex ‘seeks the symbiosis between architecture and landscape, so that the synthesis of artificial and natural elements could define the quality of living and the sense of belonging by the inhabitants.’ (more…)

The River - Jõekaare Residential Tower; photo © Lukas Schaller

An Austrian architectural practice Atelier Thomas Pucher has completed first our of nine buildings from the Jõekaare Residential District project which, when completed in 2014, will include a total of nine buildings with 440 apartments intended for some 1000 inhabitants. Located near the Estonian Emajõgi river, the multi-storey building has been designed to offer it’s residents unobstructed views of a natural reserve situated on the opposite bank of the river. (more…)

House of the Tree by Kokaistudios; photo by Charlie Xia

Following a concept of ‘living between the city and the nature’, this luxurious penthouse apartment located on 48th and 49th floors of a residential skyscraper in southern Chinese city of Shenzhen has been recently realised by two Italian-born, Shanghai-based architects Filippo Gabbiani and Andrea Destefanis of Kokaistudios architectural practice. Towering above the hustle and bustle of the fast growing Central Business District in Shenzhen and offering picturesque views of natural landscape of Hong Kong from its southern wing, the apartment is a result of ‘large-scale architectural modifications applied to the original layout’ of two, previously disconnected apartments. Completed in November 2011, the vast, 616-square-meters penthouse takes its name from the tree which bedecks the entrance area.


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Bamboo Residence by Group8 (CH)

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Bamboo House by Group8; photo by Régis Golay

The Swiss architectural practice Group8 has just finalised this housing estate located in the former industrial neighbourhood in the Chandieu area of Geneva. Comprising 46 apartments and two undergroud garage levels, Bamboo Residence’s distinctive tinted-glass façade was inspired by ‘a theme of vegetation’ and emphasizes building’s ‘exceptional situation next to the Moillebeau-Vermont greenway’. The residence follows the recently-completed Coral House and is Group8’s second development within the area.


Carabanchel Project by Dosmasuno Arquitectos; photo by Miguel de Guzman

Dosmasuno Arquitectos, the architectural practice established in 2002 by Ignacio Borrego, Nestor Montenegro and Lina Toro have realised this highly-expressive, seven-storey (including basement) social housing building located in the south-western suburban area of Madrid, Carabanchel. Characterised by its numerous protruding volumes, the Metabolist structure has been completed in 2008 and encompasses 52 single-, 35 double- and 15 triple dwellings as well as over one hundred parking slots, commercial premises and an adjacent green area. (more…)

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Neu 31 by SUPERBLOCK ZT GmbH; photo by Hertha Hurnaus

SUPERBLOCK ZT GmbH, the Austrian architectural practice established in 2003 has realised this 840-square-meters building located on Neuwaldegger Straße 31 in Vienna. Based on a ‘concept of the overlapping spatial structure’, the house boasts a number of residential apartments as well as office units and a centrally-located 30-square-meters courtyard, and its current residents amount to ’22 working and residing persons, one dog and two cats’. (more…)