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Jaime Hayón's new collection for Kutani Choemon

The Spanish designer Jaime Hayón recently unveiled the new porcelain collection he designed in collaboration with the Japanese products design studio Maruwakaya for Kutani Choemon. The Japanese traditional porcelain company produces handmade tableware for over 130 years.


'Porzellan+X' by Mark Braun

The Berlin based designer Mark Braun was invited by the newly founded DMY Design Gallery at Stilwerk, the temporary exhibition space and shop of the DMY network, to present his most recent study on porcelain. The exhibition will be open from today (vernissage from 6 – 9 pm) until 8 December at Stilwerk, Kantstraße 17, Berlin.


Volker Haug's 'Rudolph' porcelain pendant light, from his 'Antler' range

Presented during the recent London Design Festival under the auspices of the somewhat tongue-in-cheekly named group exhibition ‘Matilda’, which showcased the work of a number of Australian-based designers in the UK for the first time, Volker Haug’s highly graphic, highly architectural porcelain lighting enthralled visitors. (more…)

'14%' by Laura Strasser

“Reproduction of the Reproduction of the Reproduction… ” – this explains, basically, the production process of Laura Strasser’s porcelain pendant light. The young German designer took advantage of an normally bothersome characteristic of the porcelain’s baking process: a shrinkage of 14%. Her collection of pendant lights consists of nine lampshades – every lamp bonnet is a reproduction of the previous one, which is, in turn, a copy of a preceding bonnet. In such a sequence therefore, the bonnets become 14% smaller with each phase.


'Ovale' by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

The Paris based Bouroullec brothers recently completed this new tableware collection, designed for the Italian manufacturer Alessi. The relatively thick-walled yet elagant cups and pans are a perfect combination of classiness and tradition – “Delicate, slightly expressive, simple, almost neo-primitive” how Alberto Alessi describes it.


Mon 6.9.

‘Pieces of Π’ by Dik Scheepers (NL)

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'Pieces of Π' by Dik Scheepers

The Dutch designer Dik Scheepers realised this rough yet beautiful pieces of porcelain tableware as his graduation project at Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht.

Instead of creating a perfect smooth mould Dik uses modular forms which enable him to interchange the segments and build a variety of shapes.


'Lightweight Porcelain' by Djim Berger

For its today’s opening the Paris based Galerie BSL showcases some remarkable works of promising designers and artists. Djim Berger will present his ‘Lightweight Porcelain’ stool which is made from a mix of 1/3 clay and 2/3 polystyrene pearls. When the piece is fired, the heat eliminates the polystyrene to reveal the porcelain, which is visually and sensually renewed. This principle creates high static stability with a material that is rather known for its fineness – qualities much sought after in innovative furniture design.

'Lightweight Porcelain' by Djim Berger

The exhibition will be open from 7 May – 24 July 2010.

BSL gallery interior architecture by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

to the BSL Gallery website

Fri 23.10.

Takaoka Crafts Competition 2009 in Japan

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Glass-porcelain fusion by Misa Tanaka

Glass-porcelain fusion by Misa Tanaka, 2nd prize

The Takaoka Crafts Competition is one of the most distinguished and followed craft events in Japan. Recently this year’s winning products were announced.

My favourite submission ‘Shizukana Sora’ (engl.: Quiet Sky) by Misa Tanaka – a collection of porcelain dishes with glass bases – was awarded with the 2nd prize.

'Coil Vessel' by Ken Noguchi, 1st prize

'Coil Vessel' by Ken Noguchi, 1st prize

Interpreting the traditional Japanese art of lacquerware, Ken Noguchi created his ‘Coil Vessel’ made from lacquer, hemp and paper string. He won the 1st prize.

'Zabuton' by Junpei Tatsuno

'Zabuton' by Junpei Tatsuno

These cushions by Junpei Tatsuno are used for sitting and molded out of Paulownia wood from the Aizu region.

to the Takaoka Crafts Competition’s website