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'Tonus' stool by Aldo Bakker for Particles Gallery; photo by Erik and Petra Hesmerg

The award-winning Dutch designer Aldo Bakker has created a collection of beautifully crafted wooden furniture which was showcased by the Amsterdam-based contemporary Particles Gallery during this year’s Design Miami/ Basel. On show as part of the Design On/Site schedule, Bakker’s new works included an organically-shaped curvilinear ‘Tonus’ stool which has been hand-carved out of a solid block of oak wood; a simple ‘Stool’ executed in various types of wood such as chestnut, gleditsia, ash, elm and walnut; and an elm-wood ‘3DWN1UP’ chair which takes its name from the unexpected, reversed positioning of one of its legs which, by being placed atop of the seat, serves as a back rest. (more…)