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The German manufacturer Wilkhahn presented at this year’s Orgatec some intresting novelties, amongst them the ‘Chassis’ chair by Stefan Diez and the office chair ‘ON’ by studio Wiege. Michael Englisch from Wiege and Stefan Diez were so kind to tell us more about it. Enjoy!

As always Architonic has been around with a video team to capture the most important products and booths for you. Our first video from this year’s Orgatec will give you some impressions of the most recent novelties of the German manufacturer Wilkhahn. Enjoy!

more Wilkhahn products @ Architonic

to the Making Of of Stefan Diez’ ‘Chassis’

'DS-30' armchair by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for de Sede

At this year’s Orgatec the Swiss manufacturer de Sede unveiled the new contract collection ‘DS-30’ designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. The family of classical furniture is available in different shades from natural to strikingly colourful hues – an eye-catching detail are the all-round raised seams which can be tone-in-tone or a contrasting feature.


'I don't go out there wearing white suits and shooting my mouth off about things unnecessarily': Paris- and London-based British designer Jasper Morrison; photo 2007, Suki Dhanda

Respected British designer Jasper Morrison has learnt many things in the course of his career. For example, how to design products that create ‘atmosphere’, as he describes it, yet have longevity, and how to ignore the marketing machine that would turn design professionals into superstars. And how a violent pink can sometimes be, well, a bit too violent. Architonic spent some time at the recent Orgatec fair in Cologne with the thinking designer’s designer.


Architonic Concept Space III, two storeyed for the first time, photo by Gerry Amstutz

With this year’s Architonic Concept Space the Zurich based architect and process designer Oskar Zieta wanted to underline the architectural potential of his FiDU technology – a process, whereby metal panels, cut into shapes and welded, are inflated under high pressure, forming three-dimensional elements.

At this year’s Orgetec he topped his demonstration by mounting a second storey.


Made from deep-drawn sheet metal: 'Chassis' by Stefan Diez for Wilkhahn

The ‘Chassis’ chair by Stefan Diez, designed for the German manufacturer Wilkhahn was definitely one of the highlights of this year’s Orgatec! Its frame is entirely made with space-frame technology from the automotive world – a technique that has never been used within the furniture industry. ‘Chassis’ is the result of promising fundamental research Wilkhahn and Diez dared to start five years ago. Here we have some images of the comprehensive design and developement process. Enjoy!


'Scope' by Uwe Fischer Industrial Design for COR

The German manufacturer for upholstery furniture COR presents this new sofa system for reception and waiting areas designed by Uwe Fischer Industrial Design at this year’s Orgatec in Cologne. Due to the upright back the pieces are easy to rearrange, extend or group. The backrest can be heightened in order to create a subtle space partition and provide acoustic intimacy.


'Chassis' by Stefan Diez for Wilkhahn

After severals years of development the German manufacturer finally realised Stefan Diez’ ‘Chassis’ chair for serial production. Made entirely with space-frame technology from the automotive world – a deep-drawing technique of thin sheet metal – ‘Chassis’ is hollow and light. In contrast to the hand whetted prototype with a leather seat Wilkhahn presented two years ago, the 0-series showcased at this year’s Orgatec is combined with a four-millimetre thick, finely grained polypropylene seat – upholstered, textile and leather version will follow soon.