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'Locale Office' system by Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

‘Locale Office’ system by Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of UK-based Industrial Facility have created ‘Locale Office’, an intelligent office furniture system for Herman Miller. Locale helps organizations better utilize and manage open offices with a system that enables transitions between work done together and alone, and in seated or standing postures.



Thu 21.11.

Family of Form

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CEO Michael Girsberger

CEO Michael Girsberger, photo: courtesy of Girsberger

CEO Michael Girsberger talks about how his family-run office-furniture company tries to stay on top, despite cutthroat competition. (Text: Femke de Wild)


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BarentsKrans by Hofman Dujardin Architects, photo: Matthijs van Roon

BarentsKrans by Hofman Dujardin Architects, photo: Matthijs van Roon

Hofman Dujardin Architects have created a new home for renowned law firm BarentsKrants in a remarkable building renovation in The Hague.



‘Box Sofa’ by Kevin Lahtinen and Ivar Gestranius for Loook Industries

In the grand, teleological narrative of design, things are developed to make our lives increasingly better. New forms, materials and technological innovations are introduced, self-justifying, attended by a clarity of function and value. But what happens when a new design typology comes into being for which there isn’t even a consensus on how to describe it? We give you the ‘In-Betweeners’ – a new series of office-furniture systems that are neither fish nor fowl. (by Simon Keane-Cowell)


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OberAlp/SALEWA Group’s new HQ in Bolzano, Northern Italy

More often than not, office architecture can be, well, a little inward-looking. Shut out the outside world and focus staffers’ attention on their building’s interior spaces and you’ll keep them focused on their work. Right? Wrong. The OperAlp/SALEWA Group’s new headquarters in Bolzano, Italy, bring the outside in and, thanks to a collaboration with lighting manufacturer Zumtobel, never leave their workers in the dark. (by Simon Keane-Cowell)


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Diagonal 123 Office Building by Dominique Perrault Architecture; photo by Michel de Guzman

This bold, geometric office building located in Barcelona was completed in 2009 by the award-winning Parisian architect and his namesake studio Dominique Perrault Architecture. Boasting 12 offices, two commercial spaces and four underground car park levels, the glass-clad building is composed of 12 storeys and its floor area totals 18.188 square meters. (more…)

Eneco Headquarter Rotterdam; photo by Matthijs van Roon

Hofman Dujardin Architecten, an Amsterdam-based architectural practice run by Barbara Dujardin and Michiel Hofman have collaborated with Fokkema & Partners Architecten on the interior design of the recently completed new headquarters for a sustainable energy company Eneco. Located in Rotterdam, the 14-storey 25,000-square-meters building itself was designed by Dam & Partners Architecten and features a light-reflective façade incorporating planted tufts of greenery which frame windows on the lower levels of the building.


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The Tamdeen Group Headquarters by Colacion Studio (US)

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The Tamdeen Group Headquarters by Colacion Studio, photographer: Eric Laignel

Californian interior designer Yvonne Colacion and her namesake practice Colacion Studio have recently completed this 5100-square-meters headquarters of Kuwait’s renowned property developer, Tamdeen Group. Featuring traditional Arab geometric patterns on various surfaces and textiles and artful Arabic script, the light-flooded interiors reference cultural elements of the Gulf region while ‘to evoke the feeling of being in a desert oasis’, a rampant garden wall has been incorporated in the ground-level reception area. (more…)