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'ARK booktower' by Rintala Eggertsson Arkitekter

Within the ‘1:1 – Architects Build Small Spaces’ exhibition at the V&A in London the Norwegian practice Rintala Eggertsson Arkitekter realised this wooden structure, a temporary, intimate, little library, in the middle of the stairwell that leads to the museum’s first-floor National Art Library.

Now after having dismantled the ARK booktower Rintala Eggertsson Arkitekter are currently looking for someone who might be interested in it.


'Gro' water can by Anderssen & Voll, Hallgeir Homstvedt and Petter Skogstad

From 29 October – 02 November a number of Oslo based designers will showcase their designed interpretation based upon personal stories, representing an individual perception of Oslo at this year’s Design Tide in Tokyo.


'Hotel SUB' by Pir II Arkitektkontor

The Trondheim and Oslo based architects of Pir II Arkitektkontor realised this partly subterranean holiday apartments located on one of Noways finest sandy beach in Stokkøya. In order to minimise the environmental impact the appartments where partly build into the slope.


'Awkward' tables by Marte Frøystad, as part of the Furuhaelvetica project

Pine. When it comes to furniture design, it’s not really the kind of wood to set the heart racing. Think of pine and a raft of rather negative images comes all too readily to mind: bargain furniture outlet stores, student accommodation, cheaply made 1980s kitchens. You get the picture. But it’s all in the application, as a group of young Norwegian designers, collaborating as part of an ongoing workshop called Furuhaelvetica, proved at this year’s Designersblock show during the London Design Festival.


'Eva', a chair that both tilts and swivels by Anderssen & Voll

At this year’s 100% Design in London the Norwegian newly founded design duo Anderssen & Voll, both co-founders of Norway Says, will present their latest output: ‘Eva’ – an armchair that both tilts and swivels. It is especially designed for Juvet Landskapshotell in Norway, a hotel designed by Jensen & Skodvin as part of the Norwegian National Tourist Routes Project. With ‘Eva’ the designers join traditional contruction in wood and modern textile technology. For this purpose they developed together with Innofa in Tilburg (NL) a special knitted wool textile that stretches and contracts leaving the chair visually rooted in all positions no matter how you swivel or tilt the chair.


Diffusors in various colours - 'Colour' (prototype) by Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik, photo by Kalle Sanner

This delicate floorlamp is the result of a collaboration between the two Norwegian designers Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik, co-founder of the recently seperated studio Norway Says. The free standing fully adjustable structure composed of monochromatic glass panels enables the user to compose light using diffusors in various colours.


Svalbard Science Centre 78°north by Jarmund / Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL, photo by Nils Petter Dale /

This extension of an existing university and research building in Svalbard (Spitzbergen), in the very north of Norway was realised by the Oslo based Jarmund / Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL. The construction which also provides new facilities for the Svalbard Museum is characterised by a faceted insulated copper-clad skin. Its shape is the result of climatic 3D simulations which have been undertaken in order to assure that the accumulation of snow would not create undesired conditions in front of doors and windows.


Fri 12.3.

New Holmenkollen Fyr in Oslo by JDS Architects (DK)

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New Holmenkollen Fyr by JDS Architects

Even though the new ski-jumping hill ‘New Holmenkollen Fyr’ in Oslo designed by the Danish JDS Architects is not fully completed, some jumps will be held on 13th and 14th of March. It is a trial test before the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships next year in Oslo, 24th of February – 6th March 2011.

“On the 3rd of March, Annette Sagen became the first official ski jumper to jump 106.5 meters during the opening ceremony of the Skijump, which set a new Holmenkollen jump record. From the 20 ski jumpers taking part of the opening ceremony, Rune Vetla, a local ski jumper had the longest jump at 141 meters, breaking and currently holding the record at Holmenkollen hill!”

New Holmenkollen Fyr by JDS Architects

After this weekend’s event, JDS Architects will continue the remaining work on the completion plans until 2011.

to the JDS Architects profile @ Architonic