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Thu 1.8.

Private Loft by Hangar Design Group (IT)

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Private Loft by Hangar Design Group

Private Loft by Hangar Design Group

For a private client, Italy’s Hangar Design Group (HDG) has applied a distinct Italian aesthetic to the interior of a loft in New York’s lower Manhattan SoHo neighbourhood.



Mon 11.3.

French Design Connection by Meet My Project

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Raphael Charles - Multiple magnetic coffee table for SMO Gallery

Raphael Charles – Multiple magnetic coffee table for SMO Gallery, detail

For New York Design Week 2013 Francesco Pirrello, founder of Meet My Project, and Paris-based curator Clément Sauvoy have created French Design Connection, a 400 square meter showcase for design from France and Europe in the heart of New York.



Thu 6.9.

‘M. Lamp’ by David Irwin for Juniper (US)

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‘M. Lamp’ by David Irwin for Juniper

Young, Northern Ireland-born designer David Irwin has collaborated with a recently-established Brooklyn-based furniture label Juniper on this series of reduced, transportable table lamps. Simply called ‘M. Lamp’, the design was inspired by the lamps used by the 19th-century miners in England and is made of aluminium and powder-coated steel. Available in either white, black or orange, the light will be officially launched later this month (19 – 22 September) during London’s 100% Design. (more…)

Wed 23.5.

Takeshi Miyakawa arrested while installing ‘I Love New York’ bags

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One of Takeshi Miyakawa's 'I LOVE NY' light sculptures which were intended to promote NY Design Week 2012

Earlier last Saturday (19 May 2012), while trying to display his love for New York, the city which for the past 23 years has been his hometown, via a new light sculpture installation, the renowned Brooklyn-based designer and artist Takeshi Miyakawa was arrested for reportedly ’planting false bombs.’ Inspired by the iconic I LOVE NY plastic shopping bags, the designer intended to install the light ‘around the city in trees and on lamp posts as part of NY Design Week 2012.’ Following his arrest, a judge has decided on Sunday to hold Miyakawa for a mental evaluation, extending his detainment for an additional 30 days.


Join Free Takeshi Miyakawa Facebook Group


Sign the ‘demand justice for artist takeshi miyakawa’ petition here



According to the Oxford English Dictionary, machine is ‘an apparatus using mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task.’ What happens however, if a meticulously devised machine happens to perform a task of a rather

indeterminate nature and is seemingly devoid of the aforementioned ‘definite function’ altogether? Well, it could either be a poorly engineered device, or the good old Rube Goldberg machine, whose most recent rendition by a Brooklyn-based kinetic artist Joseph Herscher has caught our attention. In the 2.08-minute clip, which has been watched by more than 5 million YouTube viewers since late December 2011, Joseph is seen seating by a table, ready to enjoy a perusal of a daily newspaper. Then he takes a sip of coffee…


to Joseph Herscher’s website (more…)

'Dome' table lamp by Todd Bracher for Mater

It might have been designed nearly three years ago, yet we still very much admire the purity of form and boldness of this table lamp created by a New York-based designer Todd Bracher. Composed of partly recycled aluminium shade and a steel base, ‘Dome’ was inspired by ‘the phases of the moon and its contrast between light and shadow.’ In 2009, the design was named the ‘Best Table Lamp’ in Wallpaper* Design Awards and the lamp is manufactured by a Copenhagen-based brand Mater, in one of Denmark’s few remaining workshops specialising in the spin forming technique. (more…)

Ryan Harc's Light within Light

‘Light within Light’ by the New York-based practice Ryan Harc is inspired by sliding doors in traditional Korean houses, which line up along the direction of a blowing wind, bringing dramatic views. With their latest design, Ryan Harc have contrasted this romantic inspiration with a – at first sight – very technical and cold appearance of the aluminium body and the tripod base of the floor lamp.


Wed 19.10.

Artist Retreat by 0 to 1 (US)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 19.10.2011 - Tagged as: , , , ,

Artist Retreat by 0 to 1 (US)

Tamara Petrovic and Garner Oh, the duo behind the New York-based architectural and design practice 0 to 1 have designed this angular ‘work / live’ Artist Retreat located in the southern Finnish town of Fiskars. (more…)

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