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Thu 25.8.

‘Thin Black Table’ by Nendo for Cappellini (IT)

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'Thin Black Table' by Nendo for Cappellini

Originating from the unorthodox ‘Thin Black Lines’ collection, which was organized by Phillips de Pury and shown at the Saatchi Gallery during last year’s edition of London Design Festival, this trompe l’oeil ‘Thin Black Table’ by the Japanese design practice Nendo has now been put into production by design manufacturer Cappellini. (more…)

'bamboo steel chair' by Nendo, photo by Masayuki Hayashi

The Yii series is a project of the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, organised under the art direction of Gijs Bakker, co-founder of Droog Design. The Japanese studio Nendo, also invlved into the project tried to discover sources for new designs through the research into Taiwan’s traditional bamboo handicrafts and furniture. The result is this series of chairs for which the designers applied bamboo-working techniques to tubular steel pipes.

All pieces of the Yii project will be exhibited at La Triennale di Milano, Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6 during this year’s Salone del Mobile from 12 – 17 April.


'transparent table' by Nendo, photo by Masayuki Hayashi

The Japanese design practice Nendo will present some new works within a solo exhibition at the Galleria Jannone, 125 Corso Garibaldi, during this year’s Salone del Mobile from 12 – 17 April. ‘textured transparancies’ is a collection of objects which explore transparency’s infinite nuances. For the ‘transparent table’ – the first object of the collection – the designers cast clear acrylic in a wooden form with a strong grain. The result is a table top with e very unique optical effect.


'Dancing Squares' by Nendo, at Art Stage in Singapore

The Japanese design practice Nendo will present this new series of furniture and lighting at its solo exhibition ‘Dancing Squares’ during this year’s Art Singapore from 13 – 16 January.


Tue 23.11.

Ceramic speakers by nendo / Design Concept (JP)

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Ceramic speaker by nendo / Design Concept

The Japanese designers of nendo recently presented these speakers made from ceramics within the Revalue Nippon Project, an initiative launched by the former Japan footballer Nakata Hidetoshi to revitalize the traditional crafts in Japan. Curator Akimoto Yuji, director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan, invited nendo to collaborate with Mitsuke Masagasu, a Kanazawa-based potter whose work springs from the traditions of the local Kutani ware.


'pyggy bank' by nendo / design concept

At this year’s Design Tide in Tokyo from 27 October – 9 November the Japanese studio nendo presents this savings box, a pig-snouted bottle and jar made of unglazed fired clay. ‘pyggy bank’ is showcased within the Isetan department store’s ‘Piggy Bank Collection’ exhibition.


6500 mm hanger rack by Nendo, photo by Masayuki Hayashi

The Tokyo based designers of Nendo will be present at this year’s London Design Festival with a solo exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, curated by Phillips de Pury & Company. The collection of delicate metal furniture includes a series of graphical hanger racks, which represent an experimental discourse about the space between two and three dimensions.


Triennale in Kanazawa, photo by Daici Ano

This exhibition design characterised by five pre-fabricated agricultural greenhouses was designed by the Tokyo based designers of Nendo – each house is dedicated to one of the five curators. The temporary exhibition venue, a remaining space left over from a large bookstore, and a limited budget necessitated to leave the empty retail space more or less intact, without placing drastic changes to the leftover interior.

Triennale in Kanazawa, photo by Daici Ano

Here is what the designers explain:

“The lighting used to highlight the works inside would softly pour from the translucent plastic walls, and their gentle glow turned the greenhouses into large lanterns of light. Moreover, winding ”trails” of black stapled carpets ran throughout the exhibition venue, with white vinyl panels for displaying the works positioned alongside there “trails”. While keeping costs low, we were thus able to create the semblance of “farmland” that partitioned the area where people would walk and where the works would be displayed. This form of expression was in fact an expanded version of the “home-use greenhouse” that we had used at our pre-event venue held half a year earlier, and we found that this environment was most suitable for expressing the development and growth of crafts in the unique “soils” of Kanazawa.”

Triennale in Kanazawa, photo by Daici Ano

Triennale in Kanazawa, photo by Daici Ano

Triennale in Kanazawa, photo by Daici Ano

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