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‘Counting the Rice’ table by Daniel Libeskind for Moroso

‘Counting the Rice’ table by Daniel Libeskind for Moroso

Italian design brand Moroso has released a limited edition of 30 ‘Counting the Rice’ tables, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, which accommodates and gives shape to the Counting the Rice exercise conceived by artist Marina Abramovic.



Wed 14.5.

‘Prop’ collection by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso (IT)

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'Prop' collection by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

‘Prop’ sofa by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

London-based designer Benjamin Hubert’s ‘Prop’ is a furniture collection that takes an honest approach to its construction, particularly the sofa, the studio’s first, by exposing and celebrating the timber framework which is conventionally concealed within upholstery.



Mon 5.8.

‘Tia Maria’ lounge chair by Enrico Franzolini for Moroso (IT)

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'Tia Maria' lounge chair by Enrico Franzolini for Moroso

‘Tia Maria’ lounge chair by Enrico Franzolini for Moroso

Enrico Franzolini’s slim and sleek ‘Tia Maria’ seating series for Italian design brand Moroso embraces the body like a leather baseball glove.



Mon 15.7.

Lo Sguardo Laterale: Moroso, une recherche entre Arts décoratifs et Design

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Volant chair by Patricia Urquiola, Lo Sguardo Laterale: Moroso

Volant chair by Patricia Urquiola with Rubelli upholstery, Lo Sguardo Laterale: Moroso

‘Lo Sguardo Laterale: Moroso’, an exhibition at the Musée des Tissus (fabric) in Lyon, France, tells the story of Italian design brand Moroso. Of the many features in the sprawling exhibition curated by Patrizia Moroso and Marco Viola, a rich brocade from the 18th century re-edited by Venetian company Rubelli has been used to dress some of the most iconic pieces from the contemporary Moroso collection.



Fri 5.4.

‘Fishbone’ tables by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso (IT)

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'Fishbone' tables by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

‘Fishbone’ tables by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

A herringbone motif in cast acrylic is the origin of the name for Patricia Urquiola’s new tables for Italian brand Moroso. ‘Fishbone’ features three distinct patterns; the malleable pallette of the cast acrylic gave Urquiola the freedom to create patterns that imitate natural materials such as horn, mother-of-pearl, marble and tortoise shell.



Close-up of Patricia Urquiola’s ‘M.a.s.s.a.s.’ armchair for Moroso

‘M.a.s.s.a.s.’, an abbreviation from a rather curious while perhaps hinting amalgam of words: ‘Moroso, Asymmetric, Sofa, System, Adorably, Stitched’, is the latest collection of generously-sized sofas and armchairs developed by the acclaimed Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. Manufactured by the Italian furniture specialists Moroso, the collection features a decorative, raised stitching which runs along the edges of the upholstered pieces. (more…)

Design Post showroom during Orgatec 2012

Join us on our photographic journey through the Design Post Köln showroom, captured by Architonic during this year’s edition of the Orgatec fair. Featuring more than hundred images from some of the leading design brands such as; Acoustic pearls, Andreu World, Aqua Creations, Arco, Arper, Bolon Ab, Bulo, Carpet Sign, Danskina, Extremis, Gelderland, Kasthall, Kvadrat, Lammhults, Lema, Licht Im Raum, Linteloo, Magis, MID, Montana, Montis, Moooi, Moroso, Navigram, Nimbus, Nya Nordiska, Pastoe, Prandina, Proof, Spectrum, trizo21 and Van Besouw, we focused not only on the products, but also on their setting and context. Enjoy!


> to Architonic’s tour of Design Post during Orgatec 2012

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‘Byobu’ table collection by Nendo for Moroso (IT)

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‘Byobu’ table by Nendo for Moroso

Known for their minimalist, pared down aesthetics, Oki Sato’s much-acclaimed Tokyo-based practice Nendo has realised this collection of geometrical glass tables for the Italian manufacturer Moroso. Inspired, and named after the traditional Japanese screen, ‘Byobu’ comprises one circular and one rectangular model, each of which is composed of a translucent glass tabletop supported by an asymmetrical frame in either black or white finish. (more…)