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'Transcience' mirror by David Derksen and Lex Pott (NL)

With their recent project, David Derksen and Lex Pott – two young designers and Design Academy Eindhoven alumni – explored and reinterpreted the naturally occurring process of oxidation by using sulfur to accelerate and recreate this otherwise spontaneous, slowly-developing ageing process of silvered-glass mirror. By careful calculation and manipulation, the designers ‘stained’ the mirrors thus achieving a beautiful, geometric ombré pattern that is further accentuated by the overall shape of each of the three mirrors. (more…)

Fri 9.12.

‘Narciso’ vase series by Giorgia Zanellato (IT)

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'Narciso' vase series by Giorgia Zanellato

Just as in the Greek myth of Narcissus, this series of vases by the young Italian product designer and recent ECAL graduate Giorgia Zanellato reflects and emphasises the beauty of blooms and ‘draws attention to the role of the flower’ thanks to the striking, kaleidoscopic effects achieved through the use of cleverly-positioned mirrors. Suitably named ‘Narciso’, the collection encompasses six different vases made of borosilicate glass, powder-coated alluminium and mirrored stainless steal. (more…)

Tue 26.7.

‘Precious’ mirror by Les M (LU)

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'Precious' mirror by Les M (LU)

Two young designers Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel, the duo behind the up-and-coming label

Les M, have recently created this multifunctional mirrored ‘system for the organization of jewellery and fashion accessories’. Called ‘Precious’, the design comprises a simple, round corner mirror and a wooden frame which incorporates a number of cleverly-positioned built-in drawers and hooks for small items such as cosmetics or jewellery. (more…)

'Steel Mirror' by Angell Wyller Aarseth

Continuing with the Scandinavian theme, this striking clean-cut ‘Steel Mirror’ has been designed by the Norwegian trio of young designers and university friends: Simen Aarseth, Christoffer Angell and Øyvind Wyller. Quintessentially Nordic, the stainless steel, oak and leather piece is part of the new series of works by Angell Wyller Aarseth and it will be on show at this year’s ICFF in New York from 14 – 17 May 2011.


'Knob' by Patrik Hansson Karl Andersson

One particular hobbyhorse of the Swedish manufacturer Karl Andersson are simple and space-saving hallway accessories. At this year’s Stockholm Furnture Fair they presented two new lines designed by Patrik Hansson and Elin Lundmark. ‘Knob’ is nothing more than a turned coat hook in solid wood which works both on its own and grouped together, either in vertical or horizontal rows, or in combination with additional accessories, such as a mirror or a coat rack.


Fri 18.2.

‘FLAT’ mirrors by Big-Game (CH)

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'FLAT' mirrors - silvered windshields from cars with flat windows by Big-Game, photo by Julien Chavaillaz

This beautiful homage to famous car classics, such as Citroën 2CV, VW beetle or Fiat Panda was realised by the Swiss designers of Big-Game. The ‘FLAT’ mirrors are made from silvered windshields from old cars with flat windows. The pieces were created recently for the ‘L’ECAL à Paris’ exhibition in the Cité Internationale des Arts.


Wed 10.11.

‘Tinted mirror’ by Daniel Rybakken (NO)

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'Tinted Mirror' by Daniel Rybakken

The young Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken is known for his subtle and decent work. The atmospheric influence of light and reflections is the central theme of his projects. With ‘Tinted mirror’ he unites two seperate objects, a wall mounted mirror and a hanging coloured glass plate to one three dimensional product, reaching from the wall out into the room. Depending on the ambient light the cast shadow on the wall changes over the course of the day.


Wed 1.9.

‘Trame’ mirror by Inga Sempé for Domestic (FR)

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'Trame' mirror by Inga Sempé for Domestic

The French company Domestic is specialised in wall decorations, drawings, mirrors, stickers, all designed by well known designers, graphic designers and artists. The Paris based designer Inga Sempé recently finished her new creation for Domestic, a refelctive wall decoration which mirrors just a hint of its environment. One can imagine beautiful illuminations through incident sunlight this striped mirror would create. ‘Trade’ is made from self-adhesive PMMA.