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Mon 23.3.

Gray Area Collection by David Taylor for S/K/E/K/K/ (IS)

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Considered Objects #3 by David Taylor

Considered Objects #3 by David Taylor

For a commission from Icelandic design house S/K/E/K/K/, sculptor-designer David Taylor created a group of objects for an exhibition titled ‘Gray Area’, a play with materiality and context that has become Taylor’s hallmark.



Thu 21.8.

‘Chassis’ mirrors by MaDe for Reflect+ by Deknudt (BE)

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'Chassis' mirrors by MaDe for Reflect+ by Deknudt

‘Chassis’ mirrors by MaDe for Reflect+ by Deknudt

‘Chassis’ mirrors by Belgian design studio MaDe add volume to what is typically a flat object, the mirror.



'Arc' mirror by Visibility

‘Arc’ mirror by Visibility

New York City based Visibility, designers Sina Sohrab and Joseph Guerra, presented a series of products exploring the intersection of beauty and usefulness in the home at the Sight Unseen Offsite exhibition during NYCxDESIGN 2014.



Fri 11.4.

The Obsidian Project: Revaluation by Studio Drift (NL)

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The Obsidian Project: Revaluation by Studio Drift

The Obsidian Project: Revaluation mirror by Studio Drift

Dutch artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta of Studio Drift have created an eloquent, seemingly alchemical response to the world’s excessive chemical waste problem with The Obsidian Project: Revaluation, a series of highly polished and reflective black mirrors made from synthetic obsidian.



Thu 14.3.

‘Mirage’ mirror by Tokujin Yoshioka for LEMA (IT)

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'Mirage' mirror by Tokujin Yoshioka for LEMA

‘Mirage’ mirror by Tokujin Yoshioka for LEMA

Long, thin mirror plates placed side by side produce a dynamic collage of surrounding scenery in Tokujin Yoshioka’s ‘Mirage’ mirror for Italian design brand LEMA.



Mon 14.1.

‘Layered me’ by Studio mischer‘traxler (AT)

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‘Layered me’ mirror by mischer’traxler

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler, who form Studio mischer‘traxler were inspired by the idea that faces and personalities are not flat but multilayered.


For ‘Layered me’ mirror, several sheets of mirrors are introduced into one object. Due to the distance and scale of the single mirroring layers the reflections become disfigured and form an assemblage of various images.


‘Layered -me’ consists of four two-way mirrors and one sandblasted or coloured sheet of glass placed in an oak base. Since the two-way mirrors always let some light through, the reflections are lighter and seem to fade out, where less layers are on top of each other.


‘Adnet Rectangulaire’ mirror by Jacques Adnet

Following the last year’s release of the beautiful ‘Adnet Circulaire’, the Danish manufacturer Gubi has just launched the second mirror by the late French Modernist designer Jacques Adnet which will be available to purchase at the end of November. Originally conceived in collaboration with the French luxury fashion house Hermès in 1950s, the ‘Adnet Rectangulaire’ model also features a full-grain leather rim while the ‘Circulaire’s’ equestrian buckles have been replaced by square, oxidised brass studs, a frequent feature in Hermès’ accessory collections. Both of the models come in various sizes and with either tan or black leather detailing. (more…)

Detail of ‘Augé’ mirror by Samuel Accoceberry for Marcel By

Named after Greek mythological goddesses, ‘Akté, Augé, Nymphé’ is a three-piece collection of freestanding mirrors developed by the Parisian-based designer Samuel Accoceberry. Manufactured by the young French furniture brand Marcel By, the striking, multifaceted pieces can be used horizontally or vertically and come in three different sizes and finishes such as gold, bronze and black. (more…)