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Wed 17.5.


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Reviewing the industrial aesthetic , recovering materials and ways of another era, combined with aging finishes, result in timeless designs with retro flavour. It produces a “deja vu” where the unconscious of the past enriches our present. Fabric straps used to hang the lamps, provide a warm touch that softens the industrial component and gives the idea of hand made, recovery product, almost as if it were recycled . Right now surpassed minimalism, we surround ourselves with objects that tell us a story, that bring us experience and join us in the future.


Wed 3.5.


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An illuminated line without beginning nor end, conforms this original lighting range. Designed by José Ignacio Ballester for mantra and based on the previous collection NUR; INFINITY is an effective lighting range, pure and minimalist, with its elegant lines in suspension. It is composed by several shapes and sizes, in ceiling, chandelier or table lamp. Constructed with a light and profiled in chrome, with polycarbonate mat diffuser, which allows to realize and adapt the curves, and turns. With two differentiating versions, one in silver combined with chrome, with led 3000k, for avant-garde and modern atmosphere. And the other, in brown oxide, with warm light 2800k, for classic or rustic ambient.


Mon 17.4.

ORGÁNICA designed by Hugo Tejada

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ORGÁNICA designed by Hugo Tejada


ORGÁNICA, Surprising and magical, designed to be a key subject within the decorative space, functional and aesthetic, elegant and transgressive, a timeless object that can last over time.
One more time, the designer is inspired in the nature for conceiving the collection ORGÁNICA. Its fluid and irregular shapes are inspired by marine elements, coral and natural sponges, sea rocky areas… apparently complex structures, with many cavities and porous surfaces, transferred to a functional and daily object.