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'Poetry of Light' chocolate lamp by Alexander Lervik

‘Poetry of Light’ chocolate lamp by Alexander Lervik

Unlike most lamps, Alexander Lervik’s Poetry of Light lamp is completely dark when first turned on. Until it melts, and the light that emerges mimics the light spreading along the horizon at sunrise.



'Orbs' light fixtures by David Regestam, Wingårdh Arkitektkontor for Blond Belysning

‘Orbs’ light fixtures by David Regestam, Wingårdh Arkitektkontor for Blond Belysning

An orb is an unexpected, typically circular artifact that occurs in flash photography, it’s also the name and the inspiration for Orbs, a series of light fixtures to be presented by Blond Belysning at the 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair.



'VLAMP large' by Jacob de Baan

‘VLAMP large’ by Jacob de Baan

The warm red flickering light of a flame is concentrated and amplified in Jacob de Baan’s VLAMP large.



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‘Mandala’ lamp by Adam Hoets for Willowlamp (ZA)

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'Mandala' Lamp by Adam Hoets for Willowlamp

‘Mandala’ Lamp by Adam Hoets for Willowlamp

Inspired by sacred geometry and Islamic patterns, Adam Hoets has created a collection of illuminated sculptural pendant lamps titled ‘Mandala’. The massive illuminated sculpture (1000w x 1920h mm) transforms the patterns into three dimensions through the extrusion of the complex interlocking geometry.



‘IN-EI’ Katatsumuri Lamp by Issey Miyake + Reality Lab for Artemide

‘IN-EI’ Katatsumuri Lamp by Issey Miyake + Reality Lab for Artemide

“IN-EI” is Japanese for shadow, shadiness, nuance. Derived from a process originally created by Issey Miyake’s R&D lab, the Reality Lab., to make clothing using 3D geometry, the IN-EI lighting series marries Artemide’s lighting expertise with Miyake’s innovative approach to material and design. The result then was clothing that could be folded flat and become 3D shapes, as can the lamps now, easily stored flat when not in use.




‘Layers’ light installation at the Swedish Institute, Paris, by Daniel Rybakken

A macro take on his ‘Color Lamp’ for Ligne Roset, Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken’s large-scale, outdoor light installation Paris’s Swedish Institute revisits the idea of layering and the effects it produces when combined with illumination. (more…)

A three-way collaboration between leading lighting brand Zumtobel, lighting designers LichtKunstLicht, and architects schneider+schumacher resulted in a highly creative lighting solution for the new subterranean extension to Frankfurt’s Städel Museum

Lighting always has to work harder when it’s deployed in underground spaces. But when the space in question is a museum one, where the considered illumination of its exhibits is key – not to mention their protection against the potentially damaging effects of lighting – you’ve got a real challenge on your hands. Here’s how leading lighting manufacturer Zumtobel responded to such a brief…


read Simon Keane-Cowell’s article in full on Architonic

First Prize – ‘The Optical Window’ by Smart Metropolitans, Poland

The wait is over! VIBIA, in cooperation with Architonic, are excited to announce the three winners of the CREA AWARDS 2012 edition. Creative minds from 40 different countries have participated in this contest, providing ideas for lighting applied to architecture and interior design.The main goal: to create inspiring and convincing photo collages of spaces illuminated using Vibia’s new modular lighting collections.The winners were selected on the basis of the conceptual interaction of the light setting with space, their creativity and the architectural and visual quality of the projects. The decision wasn’t easy for jury members Sevil Peach, Ulrike Brandi, Lars Krückeberg, Martin Gran, Francesc Rifé and Tobias Lutz. Congratulations to all participants for their creativity and thinking beyond conventional. And with that said, here are the winners: (more…)