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Thu 8.7.

‘Radarrr’ by Ingo Maurer (DE)

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'Radarrr' by Ingo Maurer

This highly factual floorlamp by Ingo Maurer was presented at this year’s light+building for the first time. ‘Radarrr’ is composed of a faceted aluminium screen which reflects and disperses the light and a tripod base. The patent ball-joint makes it possible to turn and tilt the screen. A functional detail is the acanthoid cooling element on the backside of the strong and heat-emitting LED.


Thu 3.6.

‘Discus’ by EOOS for Zumtobel (AT)

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'Discus' by Zumtobel

The Austrian specialist for architectural lighting Zumtobel presented its first spot light system especially designed for LED technology. It was developed in collaboration with EOOS and showcased during this year’s light+building in Frankfurt for the first time. The flat and low-profile body is made of die-cast aluminium, the ring of cooling ribs is not only the spotlight’s dominating design feature but also performs the cooling function required by LED technology. Optimised thermal management is decisive for the durablity of any kind of high-power LED modules.

'Diskus' by Zumtobel

“The idea behind the design developed by the Austrian designer trio was to minimise the shapes by using the new LED technology. Harald Gründl from EOOS: “Discus is the archaic symbol of the sun – combined with cutting-edge LED lighting technology.”

Thus, the LED version has a width of only 28 mm. The newly developed track-box adapter platform features a compact, unobtrusive design, emphasising the minimalist spotlight concept. For its appealing design, Zumtobel won the 2010 iF award for excellent product design granted by the Design Council.”

'Diskus' by Zumtobel

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'Area' by Luceplan

No, it is not the newest Apple notebook, but anyway, as long as you don’t try to check your emails with it, the flat lamp ‘Area’ designed by the Milano based Habits Studio convinces with a rather innovative concept. The rectangular body is in a thin, white thermoplastic material. Behind the transparent Plexiglas screen lie the LEDs, combined with the latest technologies in light transmission – back light. The result is a perfectly uniform luminous surface with high flows.

'Area' by Luceplan

“The touch screen commands allow the user to turn the device on and off by simply touching the side of the frame. A series of mirror-polished aluminium supports offer myriad applications, whether for a wall, suspension, floor, or table.”

'Area' by Luceplan

'Area' by Luceplan

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Get some first impressions of this year’s light+building in Frankfurt. More videos will follow.

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Fri 30.4.

‘one.LED’ by FSIGN (DE)

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'one.LED' by FSIGN

At this year’s light+building the German manufacturer FSIGN presented ‘one.LED’, a new lighting family which particularly takes advantage of the low construction height the FSIGN[LED]technology permits. The lamps consist of an accordingly bent alucubond body, in which the LED modules are planar embedded. The aluminium plays a major part in the thermal management by transporting the heat to the ambience.

'one.LED' by FSIGN

FSIGN[LED] technology

Core of this technology is a 1/4 watt multichip LED with a minimum of heat generation.

The LED exists of three blue emitting semiconductor chips and a yellow photoluminescent overlayer which transforms light into a pleasant warm white of 3000K, the colour temperature of a halogen bulb.

Homogeneity of luminosity and colour temperature as well as colour rendering index CRI > 80 is guaranteed by using preselected LEDs.

'one.LED' by FSIGN

'one.LED' by FSIGN

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'Gotham Street Lighting System', photo by Adam Mork

The South Tyrolean lighting manufacturer ewo recently presented their innovative modular ‘ewoLED technology’ within various outdoor lamps at this year’s light+building in Frankfurt. One of them is the ‘Gotham Street Lighting System’ which was developed in colaboration with lighting designer Steven Scott (Scotia Lighting), he created the photovoltaic panels for the mast system and the Danish architectural practice 3xn, who was responsible for the design of the lamp’s head. The project for the
Bella Center in Copenhagen was commissioned by the Danish Government with the mandate from the United Nations, it was presented within last year’s UN Conference on Climate Change for the first time.

'Gotham Street Lighting System', photo by Adam Mork

“The goal of the ‘Gotham Street Lighting System’ project was to develop and realise a sustainable outdoor lighting system. The luminaires were designed in such a way as to offer a CO2 neutral lighting solution. The photovoltaic panels generate more energy than the system requires. The focal point of the UN Conference on Climate Change is to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines to combat global warming.”

'Gotham Street Lighting System', produced by ewo

“ewo is able to present a highly efficient and versatile solution for street lighting in the form of the LED modular system. ewo incorporates the following two principles throughout its LED lighting manufacturing process: highest quality and optimal modular configuration. The company is aiming its new product at other outdoor lighting producers and in doing so offers them a new system whose specifications set new standards – the product which offers consistent performance and efficiency fulfils norm EN13201up to the highest classification of M1.”

'Gotham Street Lighting System', produced by ewo

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Mon 19.4.

News by Artemide (IT)

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Artemide presented this variably adaptable LED lamp at this year’s light+building in Frankfurt. German director of Artemide Steffen Salinger gave us this informative introduction.

to the Artemide website

The wall lamp ‘Écran’ is the second creation the French designer Inga Sempé designed for the Italian manfacturer Luceplan. Its body is made from cast aluminium. The diffuse illumination, produced by an energy-saving halogen bulb, is doubled to reach the setting both directly, through the white silk-screened glass diffuser, and indirectly, through a slit in the wall support towards the wall.

'Écran' by Inga Sempé for Luceplan

‘Archetype’ is a lamp with a classical shape, inspired by the traditional Scandinavian design adopted by Goodmorning Technology, the Danish company signing the project.

Its exterior structure is in painted aluminium and the internal diffuser is in transparent polycarbonate; integrated between these two elements is a warm white LED and an E27 screw attachment for connection to any standard-size traditional bulb holder.

'Archetype' by Goodmorning Technology

'Archetype' by Goodmorning Technology for Luceplan

'Archetype' by Luceplan

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