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'Marie Sophie' chair by Pierre Brichet, photo by Baptiste Heller

The French designer Pierre Brichet created this armchair for the Paris based Coming Soon galerie. ‘Marie Sophie’ is based on a sophisticated steel wire substructure which is covered with leather – an intresting detail is especially the delicate support of the backrest. The chair is available in a limited edition of eight pieces.


'DS-480' by Alfredo Häberli for de Sede

This futuristic convertible sofa is a redesign of a famous de Sede classic brought back to the collection with some alternations carried through by the Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli. Don’t miss to get an introduction of all the functions at the de Sede booth at imm cologne 2011.


'Werkkruk' by Sjoerd Vroonland, laas Kuiken and Yvette Jacobs

Inspired by old bicycle saddles, produced since the late 19th century, the Dutch designers Sjoerd Vroonland, laas Kuiken and Yvette Jacobs realised these stools composed of a sprung leather seat and solid wooden legs. ‘Werkkruk’ is part of ‘Revised Craft’, a series of chairs, all inspired by groundbreaking design classics.


De Sede at this year's Designers' Saturday

In collaboration with the Italian born and London based designer and artist Martino Gamper, known for his impromtu interventions on everyday objects, the Swiss manufacturer De Sede realised ‘Playing with Leather in Space – A Leather Act’ – an exhibition which was presented at this year’s Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal, Switzerland for the first time. With a large range of experimental drafts Martino Gamper fearlessly created variations of noted De Sede classics and presented a successful interplay of high quality craftsmanship and visionary solutions.


Tue 9.11.

‘Second Skin’ chair by Quinze & Milan (BE)

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'Second Skin' chair by Quinze & Milan

The Belgian manufacturer Quinze & Milan recently unveiled its newest output. The ‘Second Skin’ chair is composed of a simple frame of massive lacquered oak and a piece of thick leather which is wedged between the back and arm rests. If desired up to five layers of differently coloured leather can be apllied.


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Stool-bench by Fehling & Peiz (DE)

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Stool-bench, black by Fehling & Peiz

This playful composition of upholstered stools which merge into a seemingly randomly structured bench is the latest creation of the German design duo Fehling & Peiz. The project is produced as a limited edition for KKAARRLLS – a collection of outstanding projects of students from HfG Karlsruhe.


Leather lampshades by Pepe Heykoop

The Amsterdam based designer and Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Pepe Heykoop created this series of leather lampshades which he sees as an interpretation of old indusrtial lamps.

“The lambskin leather shades are handmade, very soft, foldable and come in a range of colours. They are about 60 to 75 cm wide”, the designer explains.

Pepe Heykoop will exhibit his work at this year’s DMY festival in Berlin, 9-13 June.

Leather lampshades by Pepe Heykoop

Leather lampshades by Pepe Heykoop

Leather lampshades by Pepe Heykoop

to the Studio Pepe Heykoop website

'DS-60' by Gordon Guilaumier for de Sede

After the successful launch of the new armchair and side table by Philippe Bestenheider at this year’s imm cologne the Swiss manufacturer de Sede convinces with another novelty designed by Milano based Gordon Guilaumier.

“The purist form of a boomerang, with its daring yet elegant lines, was the inspiration behind my preliminary concept for the DS-60”, the designer explains.

The resulting cantilevered stainless steel structure creates a light appearance.

'DS-60' by Gordon Guilaumier

'DS-60' by Gordon Guilaumier

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