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Fukoku Tower by Dominique Perrault Architecture; photo © Daici Ano

Inspired by ‘a gigantic tree whose roots proliferate on the surface of the ground’, this reflective glass-clad office building was completed in 2010 by a renowned Parisian architectural practice Dominique Perrault Architecture. Located in Osaka, Japan, the 28-storey tower was developed for Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company and apart from the office space, the high-rise also encompasses additional facilities such as university laboratory, underground car park and a 4.900-square-meters commercial area. (more…)

Sat 10.3.

‘Hako’ stool by Yukari Hotta (JP)

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Detail view of Yukari Hotta's 'Hako' stool

‘Hako’, Japanese for ‘box’, is quite literal description of the recent product created by a young Tokyo-born Copenhagen-based designer Yukati Hotta. Composed of five separate parts, the beautifully minimalist and quintessentially Japanese ‘Hako’ is a simple, cushion topped wooden stool which can double as a neat, ribbon-wrapped storage piece. ‘Hako’ was presented last month at Greenhouse exhibition during this year’s edition of Stockholm Furniture Fair. (more…)

Tue 6.3.

‘Block Vase’ from 1% products collection by Nendo (JP)

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'Block Vase' from 1% products collection by Nendo; photo by Hiroshi Iwasaki

Without a doubt one of the most diligent design teams in Japan, Oki Sato’s much-acclaimed practice Nendo has recently unveiled their latest series of products which are to be launched as part of the 1% collection during the upcoming edition of Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2012. Among them, this series of minimalist, stackable vases called ‘Block.’ Available in four different sizes, the subdued, understated vases will be produced in a limited edition of 100 pieces as ‘to give owners the chance to experience the joy of owning 1%.’ (more…)

Tue 14.2.

Hoto Fudo by Takeshi Hosaka Architects (JP)

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Hoto Fudo by Takeshi Hosaka Architects; photo by Nacasa&Pertners Inc. / Koji Fujii

This eye-catching, organically-shaped restaurant overlooking Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji, has been realised by the Yokohama-based architectural practice Takeshi Hosaka Architects in 2009. Named Hoto Fudo, the now-popular establishment has been named after the traditional local noodle dish called Hōtō, which the diners can savour while enjoying the spectacular views of the highest peak in Japan. Reminiscent of an oversized, irregular igloo, the building is supported by an innovative, 100mm-thick urethane and Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete structure called “Sandwich RC Shell” which has been developed in collaboration with the engineering specialists Arup due to a specific ‘regional issues’ such as diverse climate conditions which include heavy snow as well as the increased seismic activity of the region. (more…)

Daylight House by Takeshi Hosaka Architects; photo by Koji Fujii Nacasa&Partners Inc

Some 29 square skylights have been incorporated in the roof of this small single family house providing its residents with an abundance of unobstructed natural light in spite of house’s densely built-up surroundings. Located in Japan’s second largest city, Yokohama, the 85-square-meters single-storey development has been realised in 2011 by an award-winning Japanese architectural practice Takeshi Hosaka Architects. (more…)

Casalgrande Old House by Kengo Kuma and Associates; photo by Marco Introini

Following his large-scale porcelain ‘Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud’ installation, the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has recently realised this conversion of a typical, brick farmhouse into a light and airy exhibition space and an archive for the Italian ceramics manufacturer Casalgrande Padana. Completed in July 2011, the 470-square-meters building is located on company’s production site, in the countryside near the norther Italian city of Reggio Emilia. (more…)

'Denq' table lamp by Toshiyuki Kita for Oluce

Last year’s Compasso d’Oro laureate and creator of the 1980′s eyebrow-raising ‘Wink’ chaise longue, the much-acclaimed Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita has collaborated with the Italian lighting brand Oluce on design of this minimalist table lamp. Resembling an oversized lightbulb, ‘Denq’ is made of opalescent, opaque blown glass and a lacquered metal base with chromium-plated laser cut upper base disc. The lamp is the first collaborative project of the Japanese designer and Oluce and it was presented during last year’s Euroluce fair in Milan. (more…)

Fri 16.12.

Karuizawa Museum Complex by Yasui Hideo Atelier (JP)

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Karuizawa Museum Complex by Yasui Hideo Atelier; photo by Nacasa & Partners inc

Drawing their inspiration from the traditional Japanese art of paper folding origami, the Tokyo-based practice Yasui Hideo Atelier have designed this recently-completed museum complex in the city of Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture. The deconstructed, multifaceted, 423.51-square-meters two-storey building is supported by a steel structure while its characteristic sharp edges and sky-piercing spikes have been developed in titanium and glass. (more…)

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