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Fri 2.5.

Rainhouse by Ivanka (HU)

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Rainhouse by Ivanka

Rainhouse by Ivanka

At Milan Design Week 2014 designer concrete brand Ivanka presented The Water of Life, a project developed to collect rainwater and turn it into high quality drinking water using a special bio-concrete system.



Wed 8.1.

The Photographer’s House by Bence Turanyi (HU)

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The Photographer's House by Bence Turanyi

The Photographer’s House by Bence Turanyi, photo: Zsolt Batar

Architect Bence Turanyi and photographer Zsolt Batar unified artistic and professional visions to create a house in a forest on the outskirts of Budapest that balances sustainability, technology and price.



Thu 12.12.

365 Sledges Christmas Tree by Hello Wood (HU)

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365 Sledges Christmas Tree by Hello Wood, photo: Daniel Domolky

365 Sledges Christmas Tree by Hello Wood, photo: Daniel Domolky

Hungarian designers Hello Wood have built an 11-meter Christmas tree made of 365 sledges in front of the Palace of Arts at the riverbank of the Danube in Budapest.



'Avignon No.2 Dressing Table' by Gabor Kodolanyi

‘Avignon No.2 Dressing Table’ by Gabor Kodolanyi

Geometric shapes were the original inspiration for Hungarian designer Gabor Kodolanyi’s ‘Avignon No.2 Dressing Table’.



House in a Hungarian Town by Polla Bauer and András Ónodi; photo by Tamás Bujnovszky

A young Budapest-based architect couple Polla Bauer and András Ónodi have recently completed their first joint architectural project, this modern detached house located in a rural Hungarian town. Intercepted into the slope, the single family development boasts a two-storey elevation towards the street, which becomes one-storey at the back due to the steep topography of the site. (more…)

Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters by Vikar & Lukacs Architect Studio; photo © Tamás Bujnovszky

The Budapest-based architectural practice Vikar & Lukacs Architect Studio have just realised this eye-catching seven-storey headquarters of Hungarian Autoklub. Reminiscent of ‘a ribbon that wraps around the office spaces on seven floors, while articulating a letter ‘a”, the building is located in Budapest’s 4th District, Ujpest and its striking, instantly noticeable form is aimed to serve ‘as a point of orientation for drivers’. (more…)

Orto is a floor and wall covering system with a network of splits on its surface to plant moss

ORTO is a decorative concrete with moss and provides an alternative solution for common planting. The plants can be set into the furrows of the elements thus forming a breathing green surface along the ornamentation.


Thu 29.7.

Private House by ZSK Architects (HU)

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Private House, by ZSK Architects, photo by Zsolt Batár

This single family home in a small town southwest of Budapest was realised by the Hungarian practice ZSK Architects. The plain construction is characterised by light natural stone the facade as well as partly the interior is faced with.