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Wed 29.5.

Pines Pavilion by Hollwich Kushner (US)

Posted by Walter Phillips on 29.05.2013 - Tagged as: ,

Pines Pavilion by Hollwich Kushner, Fire Island, New York

Pines Pavilion by Hollwich Kushner, Fire Island, New York, photo: Michael Moran/OTTO

“Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, so goes the Pavilion” say architects Hollwich Kushner. The Fire Island Pines Pavilion, a legendary dance club on Fire Island in New York, was destroyed in 2011 by a devastating fire. Now near completion, it is once again giving the Pines community a central hub for culture and nightlife thanks to New York-based Hollwich Kushner (HWKN) and developer Blesso Properties.



MenScience flagship store by HWKN, © Michael Moran/OTTO

It looks like a chic Soho boutique, but this store is for men only, selling nutritional supplements designed specifically for men’s needs. The new MenScience flagship store is a minimalistic designed brick and mortar location, with a pharmacy-like display of the products…