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Tue 8.8.

Dulwich College Laboratory by Grimshaw Architects

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Dulwich College Laboratory by Grimshaw Architects

Photographer: Daniel Shearing

The Laboratory at Dulwich College is a state-of-the-art science building located in the heart of the school’s historic campus in south London. The £14 million Grimshaw-designed scheme was officially opened earlier this month and is the first completed school project in the practice’s education portfolio.



Cutty Sark Pavilion

Cutty Sark Pavilion

Alastair Townsend, now Director of the Japan-based studio Bakoko, designed and oversaw construction of the Cutty Sark Pavilion whilst working at Youmeheshe Architects in London.

Cutty Sark Pavilion

Cutty Sark Pavilion

Cutting Sark is one of the world’s most famous sailing vessels. After being decommissioned, the historic clipper ship has rested in a dry dock in the centre of historic maritime Greenwich where it served public museum. Grimshaw Architects in association with Youmeheshe Architects and Designers were commissioned to design a cutting-edge visitor centre within and beneath the ship as part of a conservation proramme that required closing the attraction for a complete restoration overhaul.

The centre was built within a restricted budget and met a tight construction programme of only six months from design to completion.

Get further details of the planning and construction in Alastair Townsend’s speech:

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