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Tue 19.2.

‘Oo’ table lamp by Sverre Uhnger (NO)

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'Oo' table lamp by Sverre Uhnger

‘Oo’ table lamp by Sverre Uhnger

The origin of Sverre Uhnger’s ‘Oo’ table lamp design was the Norwegian designer’s fascination with lathed wooden spheres “and how the same shape in different sizes relates to each other.”



Sun 17.2.

‘Limousine’ sideboard by Fingal Designs (SE)

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'Limousine' sideboard by Fingal Designs

‘Limousine’ sideboard by Fingal Designs

A patchwork of square tiles made of scrap board wood composed of wood shavings, MDF and Valchromat make up the surface of Fingal Designs’ ‘Limousine’ sideboard.



Sat 10.3.

‘Hako’ stool by Yukari Hotta (JP)

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Detail view of Yukari Hotta's 'Hako' stool

‘Hako’, Japanese for ‘box’, is quite literal description of the recent product created by a young Tokyo-born Copenhagen-based designer Yukati Hotta. Composed of five separate parts, the beautifully minimalist and quintessentially Japanese ‘Hako’ is a simple, cushion topped wooden stool which can double as a neat, ribbon-wrapped storage piece. ‘Hako’ was presented last month at Greenhouse exhibition during this year’s edition of Stockholm Furniture Fair. (more…)

Detail view of chair’s pivot which is made using CNC bending technology

A young British-born Oslo-based product designer Thomas Jenkins of Studio Jenk has created this extremely reduced, folding café chair which he presented earlier in February 2012 at Stockholm Furniture Fair’s hall for independent designers and design schools, Greenhouse. (more…)

'Birdstick' storage unit by Kristina Kjær Hansen; photo by Emil Monty Freddie

With the spring just around the corner, nest boxes are likely to reappear fixed to walls, trees or buildings in many backyards and gardens. Now, thanks to a young Danish designer Kristina Kjær Hansen, you can also set up a birdhouse and admire it from the comfort of your own apartment. Yes, it might not attract as many birds as its outdoor equivalent but with its differently sized storage modules, ‘Birdstick’ provides enough space to store large as well as medium and small items within its ‘nesting modules’. Assembled without the use of glue or bolts, the solid oak design can be adjusted depending on individual needs of its user. The design was showcased earlier this month at the TEKO stand in the Greenhouse area at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012.


Detail view of 'Ike' stools by Studio Dreimann

Hannover-based design practice Studio Dreimann, whose elegant and functional coffee table ‘Little Ben’ was featured on Dailytonic in August last year, have recently unveiled their next product, similarly simple and refined stool, ‘Ike’. Made of circular, polished oak seat and a split steel pipe which serves as a leg of the design, the height-adjustable ‘Ike’ has been launched at Greenhouse during this year’s edition of Stockholm Furniture Fair. (more…)

'Ray' table lamps by Kristine Five Melvær; photo by Erik Five Gunnerud

Delicate nude-coloured mesh fabric veils welded steel cord structure of these sculptural table lamps created by a young Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær. Named ‘Ray’, the mushroom-like lights aim to ‘question the stereotypical lamp’ and the designs were presented earlier this month in Stockholm Furniture Fair’s hall for independent designers and design schools, Greenhouse. (more…)

Architonic’s photo tour of Greenhouse talent show at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012

The Greenhouse is Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair’s hall for independent designers and design schools.

The international talent show, which celebrates its 10th anniversary, is curated by a jury. The jury members 2012 are Louise Campbell, David Carlson, Matti Klenel and Anna von Schewen.