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Thu 17.3.

‘Puzzle’ vases by Formfjord (DE)

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'Puzzle' small by Formfjord

The Berlin based designers of Formfjord recently completed this series of glass vases for the German manufacturer Leonardo. All pieces are based on one well-thought-out geometrical detail: Due to their characteristic silhouette – the curved passage between their square foot and the rectangular opening – all pieces fit perfectly together and complement one another. The vases are available in three sizes in white, transparent and silver.


'Ceres' by Lindsey Adelman, photo by Joseph de Leo

The New York based designer Lindsey Adelman recently exhibited her beautiful glass lamps at E.R. Butler & Co is Soho, manufacturer of her most recent work. The ‘Ceres’ collection – a series of technical yet sculptural appearing constructs – consists of brass branches with cylindrical light fittings combined with coloured glass tubes.


Thu 13.1.

Flat pack coffee tables by Praktrik (BG)

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'1x6' by Praktrik

The Bulgarian brand Praktrik realises a large range of furniture all inspired by burr puzzles. The components of the flat pack pieces are made from solid wood without the use of any high-tech tools or machinery – which also explains the rather low pricing. The different bases are composed of a certain number of wooden sticks which are easy to assemble and stay together without the need of glue or nails.


Fri 12.11.

Transparent insulation systems by Wacotech (DE)

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Wacotech facade, Kunstschule Waiblingen

The German company Wacotech is specialised in translucent materials for different architectural application areas. The facade system the Stuttgart based Hartwig Schneider Architekten used for the new building of the art school in Waiblingen consists of insulating firgured glass elements by Wacotech. The outer single-leaf figured glass mantle serves as sun and waether protection, together with the inner rear ventilated cover it forms the climatic buffer. The inner two-leaf figured glass mantle which contents the insulating material TIMax GL builds the insulating building closure.


'Le Tréteau' by Bénédicte de Lescure for La Corbeille

By a smart modification of the ordinary trestle the French designer Bénédicte de Lescure created a stable and light base which can hold round or rectangular tops up to 2 meters wide. It can be easily folded for storage, with a width of just 6 cm.


Fri 17.9.

Anna Torfs (CZ) at Maison & Objets

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'Sinope' by Anna Torfs

Since 2002 the Czech designer Anna Torfs produces handmade glass objects. At this year’s maison & objects Anna displayed her colourful creations including some brand new designs.

Her thick-walled vases and bowls are characterised by a delicate interplay of different colours and transparencies. Cutting through the object like an anatomist, Anna reveals layer after layer to show how an object is built.


Diffusors in various colours - 'Colour' (prototype) by Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik, photo by Kalle Sanner

This delicate floorlamp is the result of a collaboration between the two Norwegian designers Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik, co-founder of the recently seperated studio Norway Says. The free standing fully adjustable structure composed of monochromatic glass panels enables the user to compose light using diffusors in various colours.


Catherdral in Brasilia, new glass facade, photo by Luidi Nunes /Glashütte Lamberts Waldsassen

On the occasion of the 50th annivarsary of Brasilia the famous cathedral by Oscar Niemeyer, the leading architect of this urban experiment, was restored extensively. Its sophisticated glazing which was strongly affected by pollution and the tropical climate even needed to be completely reconstructed. Especially Marianne Peretti (82) who designed together with Oscar Niemeyer this colourful facade was pleased about this intervention. Under the strict supervision of Instituto de Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional, the Institute for National Historical and Artistic Heritage and the consultancy of Luidi Nunes, a famous Brazilian glass artist, the glassblowers of the German company LambertsGlas produced all glass pieces for the 16 huge glazed roof sections. The further processing, traditional lead glazing, was carried out at Luidi Nunes’ studio in Brazil.


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