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Thu 28.6.

‘Golden Glory’ and a Golden Workshop by modulorbeat (DE)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 28.06.2012 - Tagged as: , , ,

‘Golden Glory’ and a Golden Workshop by modulorbeat; photo by Christian Richters

Together with students from the Münster School of Architecture, Münster-based architectural practice modulorbeat have recently realised this eye-catching, luminous pavilion. Completed in only six weeks, the 95-square-meters temporary structure hosted a series of workshops which coincided with a local exhibition showcasing medieval art of the Westphalia region. (more…)

‘Aura’ shelving unit by Speziell (DE)

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‘Aura’ shelving unit by Speziell

Sibylle Fleckenstein, Jens Pohlmann and Thilo Schwer, a trio of product designers behind the German brand Speziell have realised this expressive, seemingly offset shelving unit called ‘Aura’. Developed in uniformly white MDF, ‘Aura‘ appears to be backlit by splashes of neon hues radiating from the otherwise unnoticeable, hidden surfaces which have been covered with boldly-coloured paint. Apart from the shelving unit, the collection also comprises two additional designs: a low side table and a wall-mounted CD board. (more…)

‘FK01 Theban’ daybed by Ferdinand Kramer reissued by e15

The German furniture brand e15 has recently introduced a reedited version of this iconic woven daybed originally designed by the acclaimed architect and designer Ferdinand Kramer in 1925. Inspired by the cultural heritage of Ancient Egypt, ‘FK01 Theban’ comes in either solid oak or walnut while its hand-woven body is available in a textile or tanned leather version. The design is part of an eight-piece collection of Kramer’s designs which have been relaunched earlier this year by e15. (more…)

Tue 19.6.

‘Rocking Stool’ by Svenja Diekmann (DE)

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‘Rocking Stool’ by Svenja Diekmann

Unveiled earlier in April as part of a joint exhibition ‘2×10’ at Milan’s Ventura Lambrate, this upholstered rocking stool was created by a young German designer Svenja Diekmann. Composed of a simple, metal wire frame and a recycled cotton knitted seat, ‘Rocking Stool’ is available in two sizes and variety of colours. (more…)

'Paul & Paula' tables by Matthias Ferwagner for Moormann; photo © Nils Holger Moormann GmbH

Having previously designed an elegant, minimalist ash side table ‘Minimato’, the German designer Matthias Ferwagner continues his collaboration with the Bavaria-based manufacturer Nils Holger Moormann and his two latest side table designs, ‘Paul & Paula’, were recently unveiled in Milan. (more…)

'Bell' tables by Sebastian Herkner for ClassiCon

A young German designer Sebastian Herkner revisited the traditional glass blowing technique with this side and coffee table design called ‘Bell’. Composed of a hand-blown, jewel-coloured translucent base and a handcrafted, solid brass frame, the tables were presented by ClassiCon at this year’s edition of Milan’s Salone del Mobile fair. (more…)

Light + Building 2012, as seen by Architonic

Join us on our photographic journey through the exhibition halls of this year’s edition of Light + Building fair which took place in Frankfurt, Germany on 15 – 20 April. In the following four parts of Architonic’s ever-insightful photo tour, we have published more than 700 inspiring images featuring some of the best manufacturers and the novelties they presented at this year’s edition of Light + Building.


to Architonic’s tour of Light + Building 2012, Part 1


including: Oligo, Belux, Ingo Maurer, Cini&Nils, IP44, Planlicht, Occhio, Nimbus, Tobias Grau, Serien, Marset, Catellani&Smith, Steng, Prandina, Vibia, Formagenda, Toss B, Absolut Lighting, MGX, Terzani



to Architonic’s tour of Light + Building 2012, Part 2


including: Dix Heures Dix, Anthologie Quartett, Lumini, Tecnolumen, FSign, Trizo21, Next, Mawa Design, Album, Danese, Milan Illuminacion, Arturo Alvarez, Quasar, Newaba, Ango, Bover, Georg Bechtinger, Chameledeon, Sattlerm Decor Walther, Less`n`More, Harco Loor, Domus, Axo Light, Arteluce, Bocci, Fabbian, Viso, Suzusan, Pujol, Jacco Maris, FrauMaier, Slamp, Gubi, Brand van Egmond, Dark


Mon 2.4.

‘Unfold’ pendant by Uli Budde (DE)

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'Unfold' pendant by Uli Budde

Inspired by the round brilliant diamond cut studied and developed by a Belgian engineer Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, Berlin-based product designer Uli Budde has designed this geometric, 18-karat-gold pendant necklace. Called ‘Unfold’, the helical pendant has been realised in collaboration with the renowned Austrian jeweller A.E. Köchert and the design has been recently featured in ‘A Girl’s Best Friends – Creative Jewelry Design’ volume published by Gestalten Verlag. (more…)