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Wed 6.12.

Sanbaopeng Art Museum by DL Atelier

Posted by Walter Phillips on 06.12.2017 - Tagged as:

Sanbaopeng Art Museum by DL Atelier

Photographer: Haiting Sun

Sanbao Art Museum is located in Sanbao village, a scenic place not far from the Central City of Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China. In the past decade, porcelain artists were attracted here to build their own studios. Thus a nascent, dynamic, porcelain-centric hub is thriving and magnetizing even more talents to migrate here what comes along is their great passions and dreams in inheriting the tradition of porcelain art. Most of the industries here are porcelain related, causing a highly competitive environment where it will take great ingenuity and endless efforts to be the best. (more…)