June 2018
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Nendo solo exhibition at the Roppongi AXIS Building in Tokyo

25 products and 25 interiors carefully selected from the 230 projects nendo has created in its 10-year history will be shown in a solo exhibition at the Roppongi AXIS Building in Tokyo.

The exhibition, which occupies the AXIS Building’s two gallery spaces, outlines the concepts and processes for each design… (more…)

Dieter Rams, T 1000 World Radio, 1963; photo Koichi Okuwaki

During his much-esteemed, four-decades-long career at Braun, Dieter Rams created some of the most iconic, instantly-recognisable products while his famous ‘less but better’ philosophy laid the foundation and drew attention to subjects such as sustainability and design ethics. Now, to celebrate Rams’ profound contribution to contemporary design, SFMOMA presents an exhibition dedicated to work of the acclaimed German designer. (more…)

'Light Sculptures, Czech Lights 1950 – 1990' at Lodz Design Festival; photo courtesy of Okolo

Earlier last week during Lodz Design Festival, the Czech Republic-based creative group Okolo has presented this intriguing exhibition focusing on the Czechoslovak table lamp design created in the second half of the 20th century. Titled ‘Light Sculptures, Czech Lights 1950 – 1990’, the exhibition ‘comprised a curatorial selection of several table lamps made during this period in the former Czechoslovakia, or in the territory of the present-day Czech Republic.’ Not a retrospective, it was viewed by its curators as ‘an unrestricted selection that depicts the development of the style of this typology on the example of several prominent designers or unique individual designs.’ (more…)

Kai Linke, Mirror Chair, 2009

The exhibition ‘Totem and Taboo’, which is currently taking place in Vienna in freiraum quartier21 of the INTERNATIONAL MuseumsQuartier Wien, examines the relationship between art and design.

It features works by contemporary artists and designers who work at the frontiers and crossovers of their respective disciplines. Treating art as a relative of design, the exhibition focuses on one-off pieces and limited edition items, which, just like artworks, are produced for exhibition purposes and sold within gallery spaces.