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‘Counting the Rice’ table by Daniel Libeskind for Moroso

‘Counting the Rice’ table by Daniel Libeskind for Moroso

Italian design brand Moroso has released a limited edition of 30 ‘Counting the Rice’ tables, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, which accommodates and gives shape to the Counting the Rice exercise conceived by artist Marina Abramovic.



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‘Berlin Dreams’ by Daniel Libeskind

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'Berlin Dreams' installation by Daniel Libeskind

‘Berlin Dreams’ installation by Daniel Libeskind

Architect Daniel Libeskind’s ‘Berlin Dreams’ is a piece of glass architecture based on nine invisible lines traced through Potsdamer Platz, after it was No Man’s Land between East and West Berlin, yet before it was rebuilt. The installation was presented as part of the Urban Stories exhibition held at Palazzo Litta during Milan Design Week 2014.



Kö-Bogen office and retail complex by Daniel Libeskind

Kö-Bogen office and retail complex by Daniel Libeskind, photo: (c) Murphy Facade Studio

Currently under construction and scheduled to open later this year in October (2013), Kö-Bogen is a six-story 432,300-square-foot office and retail complex designed by Daniel Libeskind for downtown Düsseldorf that marks an important transition between urban space and landscape.



Daniel Libeskind's recently-completed triangular extension of the Museum of Military History, Dresden; photo courtesy of the museum

Yesterday evening, while browsing through the endless list of downloaded-but-yet-to-be-listened-to podcasts, we have come across this rather dated (it was first broadcast in March 1999) but still relevant and enormously though-provoking episode of BBC Radio 4’s acclaimed series ‘In Our Time.


Focusing on the topic of ‘the rise in so-called spectacular architecture at the end of the 20th century,’ the episode sees the programme’s multi-award winning host Melvyn Bragg and his guests – the eminent American architect Daniel Libeskind and an architect and lecturer Richard Weston, discuss the social, cultural, demographical and financial aspects of the 20th-century contemporary architecture.


listen to the ‘Architecture in the 20th century’ podcast