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Fri 28.5.

‘On/Off’ LED project by d-Vision (IL)

Posted by Simon Keane-Cowell on 28.05.2010 - Tagged as: , , ,

'Draw me a lamb(p)' by David Keller

Israeli industrial-design internship programme d-Vision, founded in 2005 by multinational plastics manufacturer Keter, presented its latest project, ‘On/Off’, at this year’s SaloneSatellite in Milan. The 2010 ‘class’ of 15 design graduates addressed the issues of energy consumption and technology in lighting by creating a series of pieces that use LED in an innovative and compelling way. The brief, says curator Ezri Tarazi, was ‘to tell a story in each object in a simple and clear way that will surprise the viewer’.

'Pola' pendant lamp by Etay Amir

Work presented included ‘Draw me a lamb(p)’ by David Keller, a highly graphic piece that cleverly takes a cue from the two-dimensional representation of light rays (in short, lines) often found in children’s drawings of the sun and other light sources; ‘Pola’ pendant light by Etay Amir, which uses Styrofoam as both form-giving material for the lamp, while also functioning as its own packaging; and ‘Still light’, an LED system powered by the electrochemical reaction of copper and zinc electrodes placed in tomatoes, which makes the case for low energy use in a modest, yet powerful way.

'Still light', as part of d-Vision's 'On/Off' project

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