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Platform of Arts and Creativity by Pitagoras Arquitectos; photo courtesy of the architects

Platform of Arts and Creativity by Pitagoras Arquitectos; photo by Joao Morgado

Guimarães-based architectural practice Pitagoras Arquitectos have recently completed this striking Platform of Arts and Creativity for the 2012 Guimarães European Capital of Culture. Described by the architects as a ‘multifunctional space dedicated to artistic, economic, cultural and social activities within the scope of European Capital of Culture 2012′, the geometric, brass-clad building comprises an art centre, creative labs, temporary exhibition area, a multipurpose space for additional activities, performances and shows as well as workshops and workspaces aimed to ‘support emerging creativity.’ Watch the building come to live in the video by Archmov. (more…)

Mon 23.7.

Asakusa Culture and Tourism Centre by Kengo Kuma and Associates (JP)

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Asakusa Culture and Tourism Centre by Kengo Kuma and Associates; photo by Takeshi Yamagishi

Tokyo-based Kengo Kuma and Associates architectural practice have recently completed this multilayered culture and tourism centre located in Asakusa district, Taitō, Tokyo. Realised as a mixed-use venue intended to ‘accommodate plural programs such as tourist information centre, conference room, multi-purpose hall and an exhibition space,’ the building is composed of eight separate layers which not only divide the structure but also determine the role of each floor. (more…)

Tue 3.1.

Tenerife Centre of Dramatic Arts by GPY Arquitectos (ES)

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Tenerife Centre of Dramatic Arts by GPY Arquitectos; photo by Miguel de Guzmán

GPY Arquitectos, the Spanish architectural practice established by Juan Antonio González Pérez and Urbano Yanes Tuña have completed this multifunctional, concrete-and-wood art centre located on the biggest island of the Canary Islands, Tenerife. Featuring a striking, zigzagging ‘system of ramps that relate the different scenic spaces of the building’, the multi-storey building has been developed with the intention of providing ‘a platform, an urban stage with the city and landscape as backdrop,’ where ‘the action determines the space of representation.’ (more…)

Clyfford Still Museum by Allied Works Architecture Denver, Colorado, United States  photo by Jeremy Bittermann

Clyfford Still Museum by Allied Works Architecture - West Elevation; photo by Jeremy Bittermann

The New York-based practice Allied Works Architecture have recently realised this austere concrete museum building dedicated to the late American painter Clyfford Still. Completed earlier last month, the two-storey development houses 94 percent of the acclaimed Abstract Expressionist’s creative work which is displayed in museum’s nine light-filled galleries. Situated in the heart of Denver’s Arts District (near the Denver Art Museum by Gio Ponti and Daniel Libeskind, the Denver Public Library by Michael Graves, and the Colorado History Museum) Clyfford Still Museum totals 2650-square-meters and encompasses number of additional facilities such as a library, educational and archival resources, a conservation studio, and collection storage. (more…)

Fri 16.12.

Karuizawa Museum Complex by Yasui Hideo Atelier (JP)

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Karuizawa Museum Complex by Yasui Hideo Atelier; photo by Nacasa & Partners inc

Drawing their inspiration from the traditional Japanese art of paper folding origami, the Tokyo-based practice Yasui Hideo Atelier have designed this recently-completed museum complex in the city of Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture. The deconstructed, multifaceted, 423.51-square-meters two-storey building is supported by a steel structure while its characteristic sharp edges and sky-piercing spikes have been developed in titanium and glass. (more…)

Herta and Paul Amir Building by Preston Scott Cohen, photo: Amit Geron

In an attempt to ‘square the triangle’, or the triangular building plot to be more specific, the American architectural practice of Preston Scott Cohen have developed this multifaceted, perspective-distorting Herta and Paul Amir Building for the complex of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Designed to comprise several storeys of spacious, rectangular exhibition rooms within ‘a tight, idiosyncratic, triangular site’, the 18500-square-meters building is now a home to a vast collection of Israeli art as well as multiple architecture, design, drawings and prints galleries, a study centre, a library and an auditorium. (more…)

Wed 9.11.

Dallas Centre of the Performing Arts by REX / OMA (US)

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Dallas Centre of the Performing Arts by REX and OMA; photo by Tim Hursley

Two renowned architectural practices, REX and OMA, have collaborated on this Dallas Centre of the Performing Arts, also known as Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre, which was completed in 2009. Realised as ‘flexible and multi-form while requiring minimal operational costs’, the 7700-square-meters 575-seat theatre can be easily transformed into a number of configurations including proscenium, thrust, and flat floor, thus enabling ‘directors and scenic designers to choose the stage-audience configuration that fulfills their artistic desires.’ (more…)

Auditorio y Casa de la Música de Algueña by Cor & Asociados; Photographer: David Frutos

In a rural town in Spain, COR architects realised a stunning music hall and cultural space on a budget of just little more than half a million Euro.

An old police post was converted and extended with an annex clad in white, glossy tiles which reflect the sky and the sparse but impressive landscape in all its different aspects….