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House in Sunami by Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates, photo by Kazunori Fujimoto

This single family villa, located on a hill with fantastic view over the Seto Inland Sea, the water body which devides two of the major Japanese islands, was realised by the Hiroshima based practice Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates. In order to achieve a wide spread of space the roof is a shell construction, a reinforced slab of only 120 mm.


Fri 7.1.

‘Casa Mar Azul’ by BAK arquitectos (AR)

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'Casa Mar Azul' by BAK arquitectos

Glass and rough, exposed concrete – these are the materials the buildings of Argentinian BAK arquitectos are characterised by. One beautiful example is the ‘Casa Mar Azul’ located in a pinewood forest in the province of Buenos Aires.


Wed 15.12.

‘Contrast’ lamp by Marc Graells (ES)

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'Contrast' lamp by Marc Graells

The young Spanish designer Marc Graells created this poetic table lamp made from a rough concrete bloc combined with a smoothly bent piece of veneer.


Fri 19.11.

‘Villa J’ by Marge Arkitekter (SE)

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'Villa J' by Marge Arkitekter, photo by Johan Fowelin

The Swedish practice Marge Arkitekter – by the way an entirely female-led studio founded in 2002 by Pye Aurell Ehrström, Katarina Grundsell, Louise Masreliez and Susanne Ramel – recently unveiled this single family home in a suburb of Stockholm.


'Rufo House' by Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza, photo by Javier Callejas

The Spanish architectural practice around Alberto Campo Baeza realised this spacious private home on a hilltop outside of the city of Toledo, Spain. Offering interesting views of the distant horizon the building is characterised by a distinct palette of materials: concrete and glass.


'Yutenji Apartments' by Ishii Inoue Architects, photo by Ikunori Yamamoto

This L shaped apartment building in a dense residential area of Tokyo was designed by the Japanese practice Ishii Inoue Architects. Its interior is characterised by walls and ceilings of exposed concrete to which partitions and built-in components made from large surfaces of plywood form a decent contrast.


Concrete Canvas Shelter

As we see in Pakistan right now, it can take months and years until victims of natural catastrophes have a roof over their heads again. The British company Concrete Canvas produces highly durable shelters made from a flexible, cement impregnated fabric – ‘Concrete Cloth’ – that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, water and fire proof concrete layer.


'Casa no Gerês' by Correia / Ragazzi Arquitectos, photo by Luis Ferreira Alves

This weekend retreat located on a 4060 m2 riverine plot in a protected natural area in the north of Portugal is the reconstruction of an existing ruin. The Porto based Correia / Ragazzi Arquitectos converted the inevitably small space specified by the reduced dimension of the pre-existent concrete ruin, into a comparatively broad house for a couple and their child.