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Wed 18.9.

‘Nidos’ assemblable furniture collection by bravo! (CL)

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'Nidos' assemblable furniture collection by bravo!

‘Nidos’ assemblable furniture collection by bravo!

Chilean interiors and object designers bravo! are showing ‘Nidos’, a knock down furniture collection at Designjunction during the 2013 London Design Festival. The collection consists of a table, bench and stool that is sold unassembled and is assembled by the user after purchase.



Thu 11.4.

‘M100′ chair by Matias Ruiz for RUIZSOLAR (CL)

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'M100' chair by Matias Ruiz and Eric Malbrán Solar Salvo

‘M100′ chair by Matias Ruiz for RUIZSOLAR

Architect and designer Matias Ruiz had one objective for the ‘M100′ chair, to use as few elements as possible.



Wed 20.6.

‘Suple System’ by gt2P (CL)

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‘Suple System’ by gt2P; photo by Gabriel Schkolnick

Blending together a traditional Chilean technique with modern 3D printing process, the Chilean studio gt2P (an abbreviation of ‘Great things to people’) have created this elaborate joinery system. Crafted in either aluminium or bronze, ‘Suple System’ has been first employed in the design of this simple side table made of FSC-certified Rauli beech indigenous to the forests of Chile and Argentina. The piece was presented along with gt2P’s modular ‘Cracked System’ at Milan’s Ventura Lambrate in April. (more…)

Mountain Refuge Los Canteros by dRN Architects

This contemporary mountain refuge in the Chilean ski region Farellones was realised by the Santiago based practice dRN Architects. Bound on two sides by magnificent old containment stone walls the simple stone cube is broken up by other elements that overhang from its perimeter, modifying the basic figure and giving it an orientation towards the valley.


Fri 28.1.

‘Casa Guthrie’ by Assadi & Pulido (CL)

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'Casa Guthrie' by Assadi & Pulido, photo by Guy Wenborne

Situated on a a slope with 25% average gradient with an impressing belvedere toward the valley of Chicureo, a zone peripheral to the city of Santiago, this single family villa was designed by the Chilean architectural practice Assadi & Pulido. Instead of fullfilling the briefing of the commissioning real estate firm, which asked for a stylish dwelling with “façade”, the architects created a house without façade, a building to be developed from the street level downwards.


Pael House by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects

The Chilean architectural office of Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen has decided to test the archetypical features of the suburban house – the result being the Pael House in Concepcion, Chile.

As was the case with other local residences, the project called for a big house in a plot that was, in theory, too small for it. Moreover, the brief stated the building must ‘look like’ a house, so as not to upset its neighbours.


Fri 25.9.

Kiltro House in Chile by Supersudaka

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'Kiltro House' by Supersudaka

'Kiltro House' by Supersudaka

The Chilean architects of Supersudaka realised this wood cladded single family house with a highly sophistcated roof construction.

“This project is almost a statement of how to accomplish architecture in Latin-america.

The process was so unsteady, that all possible architectural design resources available where exercised to cope with the challenge of this house in the Chilean Central Valley.

Kiltro House by Supersudaka

Kiltro House by Supersudaka

Everything was in constant change: the program, the surface, building permits, the contractors, even the view !
The modus operandi is rather based on mistakes than certainties.

The result: a mix, a bastardized design, a fusion, like a crossbreed dog, in Chilean:
A Kiltro.”

Kiltro House by Supersudaka

Kiltro House by Supersudaka

Kiltro House by Supersudaka

Kiltro House by Supersudaka

Kiltro House by Supersudaka

Kiltro House by Supersudaka

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