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New 'Nub' chair collection by Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World

Industrious Spanish designer and architect Patricia Urquiola has designed a new range of chairs for Andreu World that combine classic carpentry skills with resolutely modern elements. In a post-modern manner, expressively undulating wooden-dowelling seat backs are teamed with highly rational sleigh-leg and pedestal bases to create forms that invite a second, curious look.


Mon 14.2.

Wooden Watches by Jesús 4lonso (MX)

Posted by Simon Keane-Cowell on 14.02.2011 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

Wooden watch by Mexican designer Jesús 4lonso

Elegant carpentry meets digital technology in Mexican designer Jesús 4lonso’s formally striking wooden watches, which eschew unnecessary functionality for timepieces that are akin almost to sculpture.