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Fri 23.8.

The Bord-du-lac Project by Henri Cleinge (CA)

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The Bord-du-lac Project by Henri Cleinge, photo: Marc Cramer

The Bord-du-lac Project by Henri Cleinge, photo: Marc Cramer

Montreal-based architect Henri Cleinge was approached to renovate a 200 year old Quebec stone house and design a significant addition, a challenge says the architect “to define a clear conceptual approach which would reconcile a contemporary architectural language to the ancestral home.”



‘Heavy Stock’ shelving system by D Calen Knauf

Young Canadian designer Calen Knauf has recently realised this simple, sturdy yet visually light shelving system called ‘Heavy Stock’. Assembled from paper-thin, white steel sheets and low, untreated maple legs, the modular system allows for multiple configurations and is entirely flat-packable. (more…)

'38' by Omer Arbel for Bocci; photo by Spencer Hung

Following his ’28′ series of pendant lamps, the Vancouver- based architect and designer Omer Arbel has realised this series of striking lighting elements for the Canadian lighting specialists Bocci. Employing a similar technique to that originally developed by Arbel for the ’28′ collection, in this series ‘large glass spheres are blown, and then a multitude of white cavities are introduced into them haphazardly,intentionally intersecting and colliding with each other .’ ’38′ was showcased in a special large-scale lighting installation during this year’s Salone del Mobile at Spazio Rossana Orlandi. Watch ’38′ being produced in the video below.


'Spotlight Volumes' pendant lamp by Lukas Peet

The young Canadian designer and Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Lukas Peet has created this series of steel pendant lamps inspired by spotlights. Presented earlier last month during imm cologne’s [D³] Contest, the ‘Spotlight Volumes’ collection encompasses three glossy lampshades, each fitted with an energy efficient lightbulb at either end which simultaneously illuminate the ceiling and the floor of an interior. The design is suspended with a simple, braided electrical cord and a 1mm steel wire looped around the lamp. (more…)

Mon 29.8.

‘L5′ Bench by Collaboration (CA)

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'L5' Bench by Collaboration

Collaboration, a Canadian practice established by a Louvre-trained sculptor Marie Khouri and a landscape designer Dave Demers, is exactly what is says on the tin – a ‘fertile if unlikely mélange that results in original and charismatic products marrying seamlessly matters of form and function’ and the ‘L5′ Bench captures the very essence of this creative fusion. (more…)

Fri 15.7.

Fogo Island Artists Studios by Saunders Architecture (NO)

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Fogo Island Artists Studios by Saunders Architecture; photo by Bent Rene´Synnevåg and Saunders Architecture

Saunders Architecture, the Bergen-based practice established by the Canadian architect Todd Saunders has recently completed this awe-inspiring Long Studio, one of six artist studios designed for the Shorefast Foundation on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. Located within the spectacular scenery of Canada’s remote Fogo Island, the 120-square-meters structure ‘will house two parallel programs run by the Fogo Island Arts Corporation‘; a residency program aimed at international contemporary artists of various disciplines and a production program which will focus on workshops, art projects, seminars and exhibits in partnership with professionals of different backgrounds. (more…)

Fri 27.5.

Winnipeg Skating Shelters by Patkau Architects (CA)

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Winnipeg Skating Shelters by Patkau Architects; photo by James Dow''

The award-winning Vancouver-based practice Patkau Architects has realised these sculptural temporary skating shelters in the Canadian city of Winnipeg. Executed in double-layered flexible plywood, the shelters are located at the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers which transform into miles-long skating trails during harsh winter months (Winnipeg is the coldest city of its size outside of Siberia). Each of the intimate snug-looking structures has been designed to accommodate a limited amount of skaters at a time. (more…)

Thu 24.3.

‘hobo lantern’ by molo (CA) at Milan Design Week

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'hobo lantern' tyvek bag by molo

Without using names – we all know what kind of effect flashy (maybe golden) press bags can have during Milan’s Design Week. This year the Canadian manufacturer molo will introduce this nice and handy accessory, a tyvek bag with an energy-efficient LED light source glowing through the delicate pattern of translucent fibres. ‘hobo lantern’ will be available on on April 12, 2011 – the first day of Design Week in Milan!


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