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From goldsmith to golden ticket: jewellery-designer-turned-furniture-designer Harry Thaler, who was named joint winner of this year's D3 Contest for young international design talent

Punching well above their weight this year at imm cologne were the young guns exhibiting in the sixth edition of the [D3] Design Contest, the platform for emerging international design talent. Here, we talk to one of the two joint-winners, Harry Thaler, plus select some of the most interesting designs from the convincing and highly polished body of creative work on show.


Tue 7.12.

‘Harbour Chair’ by Edward Robinson (UK)

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'Harbour Chair' by Edward Robinson

This wide, protruding armchair was created by the young British designer and graduate from Northumbria University Edward Robinson. Made from aluminium and coated in a soft rubberized paint, the upholstered ‘Harbour Chair’ offers, with its large armrests space for belongings, storage and even a place to rest you head.

The chair was introduced at this year’s 100%Design in London.


'Binic' by Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini

Ionna Vautrin created this new table lamp for the Italian lighting manufacturer Forscarini. For ‘Binic’ which is composed of an aluminium base and a polycarbonate projector the Breton born designer was inspired by “wind socks” that are used as ventilation systems on sailing ships.


'LUC' chair by böttcher+henssler

The Berlin based designers böttcher+henssler recently completed this elegant stackable multi-purpose chair. ‘LUC’ is composed of two bands, a flat wide one made from bent 2mm aluminum sheet – it forms the backrest and seat. And another one made from steel tube, which provides the base.


Collection of aluminium vessels and lampshades by Jahara Studio

During this year’s Valencia Disseny Week the Bazilian designer Brunno Jahara presented his beautiful collection of colourful anodised alumnium vessels and lampshades within the ‘Uniedo Puntos’ exhibition. In the impressing old building of Valencia University the exhibition showcased the most recent works of Latin-American and Spanish designers with a clear focus on sustainable materials and processing. Brunno Jahara’s collection was inspired by a percussion beat used in carnival parties – ‘Batucada’.

“In Brazil, people play instruments made of tins, aluminum pots, and other alternative materials”, the designer explains.


Thu 7.10.

‘Topsi’ lamps by hüttners (DE)

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'Topsi' by Mirjam Hüttner / hüttners

The small German family-run company hüttners designs and produces lamps, furniture and accessories, all handmade and locally manufactured. ‘Topsi’ is the newest creation, a series of pendant lights made from spun aluminium, available in powder-coated or anodised (19 anodised colours) finish. The lampshades are combined with textile cables of various colours.


The patented guide element of 'wogg 49' developed by Wogg and Atelier Oï

Based on the principle of their cabinet system ‘wogg 49’ designed by Atelier Oï, the Swiss manufacturer Wogg developed a completely adaptable built-in wardrobe that leaves all freedom of architectural design to the planer. The wardrobe is manufactured according to the specific requirements of the architect. A tricky technology makes this possible: The wardrobe’s outer skin is made of a single notched aluminium composite board that is extremely flexible and can be wound around bottom and lid without breaking. The patented guide element with rolls was developed for the cupboard which is not firmly attached but glued on. So there are virtually no limits to the dimensions of the cupboard in all directions.


'Pressed Chair' by Harry Thaler

With his ‘Pressed Chair’ the London based designer Harry Thaler presents a pressed aluminium chair, made from 1 m² of 2,5 mm aluminium sheet, which has been bent into shape to form a super-light, stackable chair. The piece – and this seems to be almost incredible – is extremely strong without any external structural support.