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Thu 5.1.

Orang+Utan vegetarian bar by AKZ Architectura

Posted by Walter Phillips on 05.01.2017 - Tagged as:

Orang+Utan vegetarian bar by AKZ Architectura

Photographer: Lesha Yanchenkov

Artem Vakhrin and Katya Zuieva (architectural studio AKZ Architectura, Kiev, Ukraine) were requested to design a new veggie bar. The client, Yulia Savlepova, got strong vision on the conception of future place. This has created a perfect tandem in which everyone is trying to overall result. The final destination was to create a place that should show costumers an idea of Orang+Utan bar: the city is a new “jungle” and people who live there is new “smart animals” and they need a place to fill energy. White tile and dark “net” with green zone create a feeling that you are in natural habitat.