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Wed 14.6.

The Sweetest Sound: Acousticpearls

Posted by Walter Phillips on 14.06.2017 - Tagged as:

The Sweetest Sound: Acousticpearls

German-based manufacturer acousticpearls has established itself over the past decade as one of the go-to brands for interior architects and planners looking to specify premium, space-enhancing acoustics products. Photo: Brem+Zehnder AG

Armed with insight and aesthetic sensibility, the German manufacturer ACOUSTICPEARLS has been fighting for almost 10 years against the noise pollution of interior spaces. Their weapons: premium acoustic panel systems that are as beautiful as they are effective. (text by Simon Keane-Cowell)


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Thu 20.10.

Sounds Good: Acousticpearls

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Looks good and optimises the acoustics, too: the COLOR FIELDS textile panel system uses various formats and colour combinations to offer a multitude of design possibilities

The Bremen firm ACOUSTICPEARLS beautifies spaces not only visually, but also acoustically. (text by Katharina Sommer)


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Freely suspended from the ceiling using the Yoyo suspension system.

All installation elements are made of nickel-plated metal.

Simple and meticulously designed, the unpretentious Yoyo suspension system by the german manufacturer acousticpearls lets you suspend panels from the ceiling anywhere in a room. There are round openings on the back of the panels. Two panels can be placed back-to-back and hung at any height using the steplessly adjustable mounting fixtures of the suspension system. Voilà, a lightweight floating element that makes a statement: You can create stylish partitioning elements between workspaces, spaces within a room or anywhere else that needs acoustic protection without any available walls.

Freely suspended from the ceiling using the Yoyo suspension system.

Freely suspended from the ceiling using the Yoyo suspension system.

The Yoyo suspension system can be used to suspend a pair of equally-sized panels by acousticpearls freely in a room. The panels can be suspended either vertically or horizontally. The suspension system of the panels consists of two ceiling anchors using a simple metal cylinder with a cover plate, two thin, extremely sturdy metal cables with ball-type nipples, and two freely height-adjustable mounting fixtures for attaching the panels.

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