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'IE-TAGs' by Naruse-Inokama Architects

Small scale and sustainable architecture: the Shibuya-based practice Naruse-Inokama Architects created these beautiful post-its shaped like little houses. The paper is made from wooden waste collected at the construction sites the architects have been working on.


'pyggy bank' by nendo / design concept

At this year’s Design Tide in Tokyo from 27 October – 9 November the Japanese studio nendo presents this savings box, a pig-snouted bottle and jar made of unglazed fired clay. ‘pyggy bank’ is showcased within the Isetan department store’s ‘Piggy Bank Collection’ exhibition.


Thu 30.9.

‘Leaf-it’ by Appree (KR)

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'Leaf-it Ginko' by Appree

We are still in Valencia. At the designboom mart in a beautiful Art Nouveau market hall in the city’s centre the young Korean designer of Appree presented his highly poetic ‘Leaf-its’. The stickers are available through the designboom shop. The market will be open until 3rd October from 5 – 10 pm.


Fri 17.9.

Anna Torfs (CZ) at Maison & Objets

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'Sinope' by Anna Torfs

Since 2002 the Czech designer Anna Torfs produces handmade glass objects. At this year’s maison & objects Anna displayed her colourful creations including some brand new designs.

Her thick-walled vases and bowls are characterised by a delicate interplay of different colours and transparencies. Cutting through the object like an anatomist, Anna reveals layer after layer to show how an object is built.


'Divan' by Riccardo Arbizzoni for Riva 1920

‘Tra le Briccole di Venezia’ is a project initiated by the Italian manufacturer for high class solid wood furniture Riva 1920. 29 important figures in the world of design, of art and of fashion were invited to process an object that is an iconic part of the Venetian scene: the Briccole, the oak mooring posts that rise out of the lagoon. Eroded by the tides, the posts are given new life in the projects of these designers and transformed into objects of art and usage.


'Washhouse' installation by Studio Makkink & Bey

The latest exhibition at the Berlin gallery HELMRINDERKNECHT is dedicated to the newest work of the Dutsch design duo Makkink & Bey. The showcased woollen blankets are the result of the Textielmuseum’s workshop, Textilelab, in Tilburg, Netherlands. Studio Makkink & Bey has created a site-specifc walk through the three dimensional landscape of a rural village. Hanging on a clothesline the blankets give shape to the space and divide it. Individually woven patterns and lines become a house’s exterior walls or refect the imagery of the surrounding landscape.


Wed 1.9.

‘Trame’ mirror by Inga Sempé for Domestic (FR)

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'Trame' mirror by Inga Sempé for Domestic

The French company Domestic is specialised in wall decorations, drawings, mirrors, stickers, all designed by well known designers, graphic designers and artists. The Paris based designer Inga Sempé recently finished her new creation for Domestic, a refelctive wall decoration which mirrors just a hint of its environment. One can imagine beautiful illuminations through incident sunlight this striped mirror would create. ‘Trade’ is made from self-adhesive PMMA.


Thu 10.12.

Puristic Crèche by Oliver Fabel (D)

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Créche by Oliver Fabel

Puristic Crèche by Oliver Fabel

The Berlin based artist Oliver Fabel created this rather minimalist crèche suitable for both the typical North German Protestant household or next to the Le Corbusier lounge chair.

“An ensemble for the secularised mystic or the unsteady agnostic of today”, that’s how the artist describes his work.

Puristic Crèche by Oliver Fabel

Puristic Crèche by Oliver Fabel

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