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Mon 8.11.

Stunning installations at Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal (CH)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 08.11.2010 - Tagged as: , ,

Designers' Saturday in Langenthal

Every other year, the small Swiss town of Langenthal hosts a rather special design event – Designers’ Saturday. The exhibition (whose name is somewhat of a misnomer, as it runs for a full weekend) places an emphasis on a creatively led, site-specific presentation of design products, rather than the usual platform of you-could-be-anywhere fair stands. Mise-en-scène is the name of the game here. Manufacturers, designers and design schools compete to show in one of the six industrial and architecturally fascinating venues located around the town, each using their assigned space to create an intervention, a presentation of their work in dialogue with its physical context. Here’s our selection of the most successful projects.

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