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Thu 30.7.

SQUARES by Frederik Roijé

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Rocking Squares by Frederik Roijé 2009

Rocking Squares by Frederik Roijé 2009

Frederik Roijé was born in the eastern part of the Netherlands. He graduated in 2001 from the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven. Here his preference to interior products was already visible.

Square Chairs

Square Chair

He now reveals his new work, a limited edition titled ‘SQUARES’: “It is a period in time that asks for reflection. We need to reinvent our being. ‘SQUARES’ is the reinvention of traditional furniture. Confusing objects waiting to be reflected.”

Waiting Squares

Waiting Squares

Chairs, seaters and even a life-size rocking horse, symbol of strength and beauty, have been designed. All pieces are made of wood using the latest CNC techniques, finished with durable coating. “Products have a habit of disappearing because of their functionality. I want to prevent this by giving products an additional value. This value is the story behind the product.”


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