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Tue 4.1.

Soviet Constructivism by graduates of University of Western Australia/ALVA (AU)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 04.01.2011 - Tagged as: , ,

Model of the famous Melnikov House in Moscow, 1929 by Konstantin Melnikov, photo with courtesy of ALVA

A team of graduates of the University of Western Australia/ALVA realised these beautiful models of significant buildings of the Soviet Constructivism as part of their 5th year work. Each student was asked to select a building which encapsulates a significant theoretical position in architectural history, to build a model and to write a critical analysis of the treatise or manifesto from which the built form is derived.

The 'Cloud-Iron' from 1925 by El Lissitzky was never realised, photo with courtesy of ALVA

Model of an architectural vision by Iakov Chernikov, photo with courtesy of ALVA

Konstantin Melnikov’s Soviet Pavilion at the Paris International Exhibition of Decorative Arts 1925, photo with courtesy of ALVA

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